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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

About those winners...

I'm back from my little break from life.  The cabin was silent, the lake peaceful and the birds amazingly enough did not start singing before dawn!
I miss it already.

I came back to the usual chaos at work and edits in my inbox, but I'm rested and ready to tackle all of that.

When I got home, I went to the site to pick the winner of phase three of the Magic Seasons contest, which I'll get to in just a moment.  First I have decided automated little buttons on the web clearly do not work as anticipated... the handy little 'email' winner link seems to be broken or possibly sending out my messages to cyber-tim-buk-too because I've only now discovered that the two previous winners in the draw have no clue they won!  I don't know where the congratulations email went but it wasn't to them.  For this I'm sorry, but it has been discovered and corrected!!  Silly buttons!

The winner for phase three is....


Congratuations, I will be emailing (right from my email and not some automated form way).

And here is the view I enjoyed each evening while we were away  *sigh*

There about 700 more pictures to go with this one, but I'll get to posting some of those later on.

Autumn Dance is now available in several formats 

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
All Things Paranormal

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn on Amazon

Autumn Dance is now available on Amazon in print and kindle!

I've been working on The Magic Seasons Series having it's own
blog.  It's taking quite a bit of time to get this set up though so it's not up and running just yet.

The third part to the Magic Seasons contest is coming up on the 22nd - so make sure you drop by and enter before then.

Tomorrow I'm heading up north to hide out for four days - a much needed rest!
I'll be back on Monday with the winner of phase three of the draw.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn Dance comes out this week!

The time is just flying by this month.
The fourth book in the Magic Seasons series - Autumn Dance
comes out this week!!   
I'll post the links and info as it comes available.

Also I'm at Romance Lives Forever Saturday night
chatting - there will be laughs, pool boys and free reads

Hope to see you there.

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
All Things Paranormal