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All Things Paranormal

Saturday, April 19, 2014

99 cents!

In the past six or so months five of my stories have been used to test formatting and the set up for First Realm Publishing.
They're now on sale for 99 cents for a pre-launch sale before FRP's official launch in June.

Click on a cover to see the details!

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
All Things Paranormal

Friday, April 18, 2014

Share My Destiny: Dream Series Tour & Excerpts!

Share My Destiny: Dream Series Tour & Excerpts!: In Our Dream Dream Series Part 1 Jacqueline Paige Release date December, 10 2013 She’s a small town cop.  He’s an inmate un...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thanks for the help! Not... (a mother's rant)

I tried in the last six years to keep my blog for my writing life and to keep my personal rants out of it. Unfortunately today, I just can’t sit on this one.

As a mother of five, I’ve had my fair share of battles for the sake of my children. I took on the entire school board once because they weren’t teaching my children anything useful, but that’s another rant altogether. When they get older, stepping up doesn’t stop, if anything the issues are more complex.

My kids (4/5) and I live in a small town. I’d list the population, but for whatever reason the sign at one end gives one number while the other end gives a different number of residents…so we’ll just say a small enough rural community where everyone knows everyone or someone that does.

For the last several months life as my family knows it has been forever altered. My teenage daughter had a baby (Gasp! This isn’t the 1920’s…life happens. Get over it. I was told as an adult I could not have children and look how well that turned out. Life. Just. Happens.) I won’t lie and say I was thrilled from the start, I wasn’t. I was scared and worried for my daughter.

Months of planning and adjustments followed the news. I lost my job, so we turned that into a positive thing and decided I would look after the baby for six months because my daughter was adamant that she was staying in school, finishing it and moving on to university for the midwifery program. It might take her a year longer but she was doing it. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

She went to school during morning sickness and all the not so joyous stages of pregnancy, her grades were exemplary. She worked with her guidance teacher to arrange exams and assignments closer to her due date. When she had my granddaughter it was on the cusp of exams and a new semester, and she didn’t miss a beat. (I won’t go on and on about how my baby girl gave birth all natural and coped better than most adult women…but she did!) She spent one month (not the year adult women take post-partum) adjusting to the demands of motherhood and getting to know her little darling, while doing assignments at home and with the help of her guidance teacher, went back to school for second period every day.

I watch my granddaughter while mom is rushing to and from school. I watch while she nurses her child, trying to finish assignments on her lap, while she studies and struggles to stay awake to finish everything. Honestly I don’t know a single adult that could juggle what she has been without having a meltdown.

Since returning to school, her peers have been nothing but supportive (which had been a concern for us), her teachers for the most part have been encouraging, and the rest of the staff would be wearing cheerleader uniforms and cheering for her if they could. Her guidance teacher has been fabulous, working hard to help her carry the load and adjust if needed (it’s not hard to tell that this person has recently dealt with the demands of caring for an infant) to help her succeed. My hats off to these people, you have my gratitude for taking your job a step further and caring.

Unfortunately things haven’t been as smooth as we had hoped they would be. Whether from lack of compassion, lack of experience or plain ignorance, some staff have actually been harassing my daughter because she’s missed a few things here and there (infant appointment, immunizations etc. require some missed time). Things she is more than willing to make up for if given the chance. Yesterday the teacher actually belittled and berated my daughter in front of classmates because she didn’t come in during lunch hour to do something. Let me tell you about my daughter’s lunch hours… she rushes home as fast as she can walk, charges in the house and nurses her daughter while I give her something to eat. Before she can stop and snuggle or cuddle for more than a minute, we pack up her daughter and get her back to the school before her next class begins. (Okay a few times due to a cranky little one, we may miss that deadline by a few moments time.) Perhaps this teacher thinks we can just stuff a bottle in the child’s mouth and deny her a proper feeding or perhaps they don’t care and only see their paycheck with the attendance of each student. We did hope an odd bottle would stall until mom could be home, but my granddaughter simply refuses to take a bottle, so rather than upset her we adjust our lives and care for her so she is a happy, healthy, content, loved baby.

My granddaughter’s father stepped up and has a full time job and is supporting my daughter, emotionally and more. Her four siblings have been there for anything she could need. She has everyone doing anything they can to help her, everyone except those being paid to help her.

There’s only two months left to this school year, there’s only two months left that I can afford to stay at home (I’ll forego the starving writer whine) my granddaughter is two and half months old and thriving … my daughter is frustrated, upset and ready to give up on the idea of obtaining her diploma in the traditional manner.

Me? I’m livid! It took a lot of strength and courage for my daughter to do everything she has been doing, no parent could be prouder than I am. She’s now working with the guidance department to come up with some way to get her education without having to deal with being singled out and coping with adult prejudices. I don’t see the teachers harassing the kids that don’t go to school just for the sake of not feeling like it, no they’d rather bother the ones that have legitimate reasons for missing a class. I called and left some messages (polite ones) … that was over 24 hours ago and I haven’t received a single call back. It was either write this blog or go there in person – and if that happens it won’t end well and my youngest daughter will have to find a different school to go to next year when she reaches high school or I’ll have teachers taking it out on her because I stood up for her sister.

*sigh* I'm not sure which way to go next...

Darkest Cravings: Series Blast ~ Dream Series by Jacqueline Paige

Darkest Cravings: Series Blast ~ Dream Series by Jacqueline Paige:         In Our Dream Dream Series Part 1 Jacqueline Paige Release date December, 10 2013 She’s a small town cop. He’s an inmate un...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Looking for Likes

In the coming months I plan to use my Facebook page to get some reader input, things like character names etc...
I'll also be using this to jump-start a street team - a little help in exchange for free reads, sneak peaks and prizes.

Join my other followers and be part of it!!    If the script holds this time, a button should be over there >>>>

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
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