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Friday, July 1, 2022

A new adventure in life...


Everyone I know is struggling right now, in one way or another. During the pandemic, the housing costs in my area doubled (along with everything else). My family and I had to move during it, so our landlord could profit from the rising property prices.  We managed to find a place for twice the cost of what we had been paying for seven years. (it was either here or homeless)

We’ve now decided to move again, but to separate places. 

Finding a one-bedroom for myself will run me roughly $1500-2000/month plus utilities.  Working part-time on top of watching my grandkids won’t cover this. Royalties fluctuate from month to month, so it’s never a guarantee that I can count on a fixed amount. The past nine months have drained all savings and the stress of just getting by day-to-day is too much.

My solution: I'm taking an old camper trailer, redoing the inside, and converting it to solar power.   I have 3 months to do this.  I’m blessed with children and their partners that have various skills, so we can do all the work ourselves, it’s the financial end of it I’m having problems with.

It was a hard decision to make for me, to look at everything in my house that I have accumulated during my journey of life, and decide what I can live without, and what will have to be stored. I’m still working on it but feel confident that by September I’ll be at peace with my choices.   It’s also going to be a huge adjustment to live in a space like that with my husky – it’s a good thing the cool months will arrive shortly after our ‘move’, and that he prefers a snowbank to a fluffy bed ninety percent of the time during these months. By spring we should (hopefully) have reached an agreement on what is my space and what is his.

I could use a little help...donations, or if you’re not in the position to help that way, sharing goes a long way too.  Wish me luck!

I’m going to be posting pictures of our progress, fingers crossed it all goes according to plan.

The fund goal is up on my Ko-fi page.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Playing catch up (again??)

Now that I've found a home moved and (mostly) unpacked, I hope to get settled into some sort of routine that makes sense.  It has been a rough year. 

I will have new releases coming out soon. Mystic Gifts Trilogy Book 2 - Dream Visions and Animal Senses Series Book 4 - Courage.  Dates had to be shifted around, but I should have them soon.

Something new in my writing world is you can now find most of my books on some reading apps. If you don't have time for sitting and reading until the book is finished (do any of us have that kind of time now??) try one chapter at a time (many of the first chapters are free). It's a great way to check out some of my books!
Just click on the link to check it out. 

I don't have the direct link to my books for Readict, but something to note for both is my J. Risk books are listed under Jacqueline Paige 😉

It took me a week, then I realized it was OCTOBER! I've been so busy I missed that. LOL
So, for the rest of this month until November 1st, you can find some of my books on sale. 

Click pic to go to my site that has fast links for each book. 

Stay safe everyone and happy reading!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Tour starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow I have a month-long virtual tour happening for the Animal Senses books. I’ll have the schedule up on my site, feel free to pop in and enter the draw. There may be random giveaways throughout the month as well 😉

Clicking the banner will take you to my site for the full list of where I'll be.