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Monday, January 11, 2010


I was surprised to find out that J.A. Saare had nominated me. As of lately it should probably be the most absent blogger... someone should have kicked me and told me!

Now I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and honestly I have no idea what I should share.

Let's see what I can come up with.

1) I can't just sit and be idle - I have to be doing something, or even six things at once. I was hyper (or so I'm told) when I was younger and I think this is why but as I age it's too painful to be "hyper" so I just do busy instead ;)

2) Coffee is a food group in my world. Seriously hot coffee, cafe latte, cappuccino, chai ... it can be french vanilla, caramel, irish - as long as it's coffee that's all that matters.

3) I am the weirdest person I know and that alone makes me 'cool' to my kids and their friends.

4) I dislike two chores equally - laundry and dishes. Of course if I didn't have five children then I may have felt differently about these...

5) I don't have a favorite food or drink, which probably makes me slightly odd. I eat and drink what I'm in the mood for.

6) I've decided I'm getting old. I just don't laugh at the movies that are supposed to be "comedy" anymore. Sarcasm, now if it has real sarcasm I'll laugh the whole time.

7) I can write two hundred pages with characters that can say and do anything, but I don't like talking/writing about myself.

Thanks again, JA for nominating me! I always know who to go to when I want it straight up and at times somewhat blunt ... I love that about you. You rock, lady!!

My first thoughts on who I would nominate for this is of course, JA Saare but as she's probably already been nominated by everyone at least twice I'm going to pass this onto another author that keeps me laughing and wondering...

New Cover!

I know I've been MIA - with good reason as I've worked straight through since the middle of November ...

But I'm still here, just slightly on the tired side of things and I have news...

TWICE CURSED has been contracted by Whiskey Creek Press!!

FROM A DREAM - the second part to Jennah and Dominic's story now has a cover and I will be released in February!!

I'll try to find a few more free moments to update things from now on.