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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not the break I requested

I finally had two days off in a row - but not
the way I wanted them.  I have been laid up in
bed with ice on my head and a migraine that
won't stop.
These usually are my body's way of saying
"take a break" - but what my body doesn't
know is I don't have time to!
I'm finally able to sit up, so hopefully I will
be able to crawl into work tomorrow.

Enough whining...

Tomorrow I'm over at Embrace the Shadows
being interviewed for my Mystic Perceptions 
The next weeks schedule is looking to be a rather
full already.
The start of October brings the launch of
Romancing the Muses, I'm up on the 5th.

I have another blog stop on the 5th also.
I'll be at Cate Masters blog.
Don't forget to leave a comment and be 
entered in the draw 

On the 7th is the release of Salvation over
at Eternal Press where there will be a launch party chat
- I'll post the where and when as soon as I know
the final times.

All in all more than enough to keep me busy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tour stop today

Drop by and check out my interview
over at Wendi Zwaduk blog today.

Leave a comment to be entered in the

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving right along...

I made it through week one of my Mystic Perceptions
blog tour.  The tour it's self was great, met a lot of people
I otherwise wouldn't have along the way.
My only regret is not having enough time to get out and
about the net more.  During my tour I had to work the
entire week, which meant anytime I had a few moments
to spare at work I bolted back to my office to check the
blogs.  My staff laughed at me for taking on even more
than I already do.

I'm looking forward to next week's stops even more now 
and I've also decided I will do a tour again near the end
of October after Salvation is released. 

On other writing matters, despite my crazy week at work
and keeping up with the blog tour I managed to get some
new writing done.  (I'll sleep in my next life)
The Witch Within is now nearing the 10,000 word mark
and so far my characters are delighting me by changing
the plot I had in mind.
Animal Heart is hopefully nearing the end (as long as I don't
go back and change it again) at 67,000 words.  
With Mystic Perceptions out, it gave me a renewed energy
to finish the second story in the trilogy.  Dream Visions is
almost finished (51,000 words), I'm just changing a few 
events in it and then I'll start the long process of getting it 
polished up to submit.

Here's a new excerpt from Mystic Perceptions for everyone!

Quickly, she waved over to Brent. “See you tomorrow--
have a good night.” And walked quickly out the door.
Slowly Brent turned to him. “Does that strike you as
odd at all?”
“What?” Brent studied him. “Who are you and where
have you put my partner?” He shook his head. “She’s
determined to publish her profile. You pretty much lay
down the law and she smiles and waves?”
Suddenly it dawned on him. Reid glanced at the door
she’d gone through then back at his partner. “Shit.” He had
to stop letting her distract him.
Pointing at him, Brent grinned. “Now you’re back.”
Grabbing his jacket off the chair, Reid shrugged into it.
“She’s gone to her office to do just that.”
“Good guess, Sherlock.”
Reid threw him a glare. “She is not going to use herself
as bait.” He started walking towards the door.
“So were you?”
Stopping, he gave his partner a confused look. “Was I?”
“Kissing her in the closet?”
He shrugged. “We’re working with her.”
“Yes, we are.” With a bland look on his face, Brent put
his hands in his pockets.
Reid stood there looking at him for a few seconds then
smirked as he turned, walking out the door. He ignored the
laughing. If he hurried he could get there before she had
time to do something stupid.


Standing beside the desk, she watched Sandy type.
“Those are my interests and hobbies?” She grinned as she
went over to the small refrigerator and pulled out two
bottles of water. “I don’t even know what a few of those
are--can’t we at least tone it down a bit so if I have to reply
to any messages I know what I’m writing?”
Sandy laughed and pushed the chair back from the
desk. Taking the bottle of water , she tapped the cap with a
manicured fingernail. “You’ll do fine. You don’t have to be
this person, just fake it for a while.” She opened the cap
then grinned at Jac across the desk. “So how rich are we
going to make you?”
“I’d say dirt poor,” a too-familiar voice said quietly.
Jac was jolted and turned towards the door.
Reid grinned at them. “Ladies--I was in the
neighborhood, thought I’d stop in and say hi.”
“We were just…” She hoped he couldn’t hear how fast
her heart was beating.
“Being rebellious?” Walking around, he looked at the
computer screen then grinned at Sandy, who sat there
looking guilty. “Doctor Gains.”

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where am I today?

Today I'm being interviewed over at From the
  Leave a comment and be
entered in the draw at the end of the tour.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Contests everywhere!

I've been interviewed today by Sherry Gloag
on her blog The Heart of Romance.
Stop by and leave a comment and not only will 
you be entered in my blog tour draw, but you will
also be entered in Sherry's draw for a copy of her
upcoming release The Brat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another stop

The next stop on my 
Mystic Perceptions tour is at 
Elaine Cantrell's blog

Stop by and be sure to leave a comment to be
entered in the draw for a Mystic Perceptions tote
stuffed with goodies.

Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Two great blogs in one day!

Today I'm being interviewed at two great blogs.


I'll be talking about my new release
Mystic Perceptions, as well as 
a few other projects I have going.

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And I'm back

The weekend went by far too quickly!

I actually behaved and took a complete 
break - there was no writing or plotting.
I briefly checked my email via my cell phone 
three times and that was it!

Now it's back to work for me.  The galley for
Salvation awaits me in my inbox and of course
I start my Mystic Perceptions blog tour in the

I almost didn't come back.  Here is what I
woke to the last few days.  Would you want
to come back to reality??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book I is out

Mystic Perceptions, the first book in the Hidden Senses
Trilogy was released yesterday.
You can find it at Class Act Books in several
formats, including paperback.

I'll be running for the car tomorrow for 
a nice quiet three day retreat to a
cabin on a lake up North (I will probably
have to be dragged out when it comes time
to leave) so I'll be back on Monday
when my Mystic Perceptions blog tour 
Hopefully I'll see a few of you on the
stops along the way.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mystic Perceptions excerpt

With Mystic Perceptions coming out on Wednesday
I thought I'd post another excerpt.

Brent just sat there and looked at her. Reid stifled a
sigh. They were pulling his leg, right? This was a joke of
some kind. When she continued to stand there, without so
much as a smirk, he frowned over at his partner. Reid shook
his head in disbelief.
“It can’t be paper or clothing,” Jac said quietly.
Brent reached into his shirt, pulling out his chain and
pendant. Lifting it over his head, he handed it to the crazy
woman standing there, patiently holding her hand out at
Reid gave her a ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look when
she stepped in front of him. When she continued to stand
there, looking at him impatiently, he leaned back and pulled
his keys out of his pocket. Working the pendant off the ring,
he handed it to her and leaned back again. He knew his
blood pressure was going to spike shortly if they didn’t stop
screwing around, then he was going to start yelling.
Sandy sat down behind Jac. “Ready?”
“Yeah.” Jac held up her hand, palm up. When the
doctor lowered Brent’s chain into it, Jac closed her hand
around it and she took a few deep breaths as if she was
trying to find some focus.
Reid knew Brent was waiting for them to say “Gotcha!”
too. When he heard Jac laugh softly, he figured it was now.
Jac shook her head. “Really, Sandy--next time please
specify something they weren’t wearing during sex.” She
grinned. “Cute blonde, though Brent; love the lady bug tattoo.”

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The day of rest...not!

I wish it was a day of rest!
I do actually have today off from the cafe, but
rest isn't in the forecast for me.

With three days to go until the release of
Mystic Perceptions, I find I am still working on
tweaking blurbs, excerpts ... all the little things
I'll need in the coming weeks for interviews and
for the promotional world.   It's not easy to
select a small piece of a story for excerpts - I
know the story from start to finish, but with the
excerpts you don't want to give away everything, or
else why would someone buy the book?

On other writing fronts, I'm organizing the promotional
end of my next release Salvation for October.  I will just
be winding up my Mystic Perceptions blog tour on Oct 1st
in time for the release of Salvation on the 7th!  (take three
deep breaths, nap for a day and then off we go again!)

Do you think I'd take it easy on myself and just deal with
all of this?  NO!
I'm into the tear-down/rebuild edits of
Animal Heart.  Writers will understand this, but for those that
aren't quite sure it's where the writer goes through the
story again and rewrites many scenes that just didn't do
it for them when they wrote it - but so the story didn't
stall they kept on typing to get through it and onto the next
part.   Is this a serious rewrite?  For Heart, YES!  As it is
the first story I've done in the first person POV - now after
sometime away from it, I go back to see that I literally -
Me, myself and I'd it WAY TOO MUCH.   So taking the
" I " 's out of it is somewhat challenging.

At the same time I am bouncing back and forth from
Heart to work on The Witch Within ...  I don't even
have a projected length for this story, I'm just writing until
it's finished.  It could be a novella or much longer, I don't
know at this point.   I attempted to plot it, but the characters
didn't listen so now I'm writing to see where they're taking me.
This story wasn't even on my to-do list this year, I had it planned
for later next year, but it just kept nagging at me - so now I'm
typing like a mad woman again.

And now, I must go out and do about twenty errands I've
post-poned for the last week.  The kids have a list...  It's
not going to end well for me.

Don't forget to follow my blog and get your name in the
draw for the prizes.

Hope everyone else has a peaceful day of rest!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next Week

With the release of Mystic Perceptions  
next week I have so much to do!  
Following the release I'll be doing a 
blog tour and will be all over the net.
Here is the first week of blog stops where
you'll get a sneak peak into Mystic Perceptions 
as well as learn a few tidbits about me as
you go.

September 20: Fang-tastic Books
September 21: Hope. Dreams. Life... Love
September 22: The Heart of Romance
September 23: From the Shadows
September 24: Authors by Authors

Stop by and leave a comment through 
out the tour and get your name entered in
the draw for a Mystic Perceptions tote
bag stuffed with goodies!!

Don't forget my blog contest while your here, 
follow me for chance in another draw.

Details are on my website:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Mystic Perception Excerpt

We're down to 13 days until it comes out!
(you'll have to forgive the poor formatting, I
can't seem to communicate with blogspot and
have it listen.)

Reid walked back into the office and stopped as soon as

he saw the expression on Jacinda’s face. She was standing
behind his desk and it only took one glance at her face to
know he hadn’t closed the file open on his desktop.
Brent walked over to him, wincing, and quickly took

one mug from him. “I’ll—uh--be back.”

He watched Brent almost run from the room. Coward.
“I’m researching--trying to find a lead for you--and
you’re researching my past?”
Okay, so it sounded bad when she put it like that. “I like

to know who I’m working with.” He set the cups down on
the table, safely away from the angry woman, and she was
definitely angry--there was no guarding that emotion from
Stepping around his desk, she glared at him. “Then


She stood there glaring up at him with her hands on her
hips, almost daring him to push her further. And the part he
had trouble swallowing was she looked so appealing like
that he wanted to go over and hug her. Appealing? Where
had that insane thought come from? Here she was looking

like she was going to rip his head off and hand it to him and
his mind was tossing stuff like that at him. His own thoughts

jolted him into action. He walked with long strides over
behind his desk. “Why did you move away?”

Flinging a hand towards the computer monitor, she
hissed. “Can’t you read? I’d helped convict the son of a very
powerful man and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder.”
He frowned at the article on his screen briefly before he

looked over at her. Asking was making her angrier. “Is that
why you changed your last name?”

Putting her hands back on her hips, she dropped he
head down to look at the floor and took a deep breath before
answering. “Partially. Brown is a very common name and
looks much neater on a business card than Brown-Straton.”
Every word she spoke came out in a clipped, controlled

voice. He was sinking here. “Why do you avoid people?”

Her head popped up and brown eyes burned into him.
“I do what?”

“Avoid people; you walk through a room making sure
you’re close to no one.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Do you like being close to
strangers, Detective?”
He jammed both hands into his pockets and shook his


“Are we finished?” When he nodded she spun and
grabbed her purse, heading towards the door Brent was just
stepping through. “I’m going to get some air!” she hissed as
she moved past him.

Brent rolled his head towards his stupefied-looking
partner. “That went well.”


“Maybe--you should go try to fix it?”

Reid blew out a breath.
Grinning, Brent walked over to stand in front of him.

“Okay, setting aside that whole pride thing--which you seem
to have gotten more than anyone’s share of--she has gotten
us further with this case in two days then we’ve gotten in a
month.” Reid just stood there and looked at him. “And the
Captain will hit the ceiling if she walks out when the chief,
mayor and all those other big guys find out she quit because
you’re an ass.”

“Well, they all know that, so that shouldn’t be too
shocking.” Grinning, he shrugged. Guilt stabbed at him; he
let out a deep breath. “I’ll go talk to her.” Unclipping his
gun, he set it on the desk.

Brent smirked. “Is that so you don’t shoot her or so she
doesn’t beat you with it?”

Giving him an annoyed look, Reid walked towards the
door. “Bit of both,” he mumbled to himself.