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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - New excerpt from Twice Cursed

While going through all of my excerpts and promotion file
to prepare for my upcoming book tour for Twice Cursed, I
came across this one that I must have added as a last minute
choice, because it wasn't even labeled!


Colin took a shallow breath, not wanting to move too much in anyway. Her eyes were searching his and he would have been content to stand here and look at her all day. He looked at her lips as she moistened them and decided a few more complications wouldnt be so bad. “This isnt going to help our situation any...” He lowered his mouth to hers and lightly brushed his lips over hers. Pulling back slightly, he had intended to stop there until he saw the look in her eyes and in-stead lowered his mouth back to hers.

Maddys hands slid back up to his shoulders without hesitation as his mouth moved lightly over hers again. She knew in her head the timing was all wrong for the two of them, but she didnt care. Opening her mouth to his, she felt heat rush through her as he deepened the kiss.
Colin cupped the back of her head and pulled her closer to him. When her fingers thread into his hair he reached and pulled her body tight against his. Just the feel of her body pressed into his caused a rush of need to surge through him. Hed never held a woman that fit so perfectly against his body.
Maddy gasped when his mouth moved down to her neck. She opened her eyes and then froze in his arms. It wasnt her forest they were in. She looked at Colin and it wasnt Colin she clung to! It resembled him, but wasnt.

So far this is available at WHISKEY CREEK PRESS

I'll have the winner up for the blog contest tomorrow!!

Jacqueline Paige

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When my writing realm clashes with reality...

I'm sure I've whined about this more than once in the last year-
about long hours of work that is required to support those frivolous
addicts my children and I have ... like eating and having electricity and
water ... each time when I think I may have a few hours of 'free time'
(of course I say free while rolling my eyes because there is always
a payment to be made for said free time in my world, like extra paperwork
or some sort of chaos that needs reigning in later on) something happens
in my reality that hinders that.  to those that think 'hey I'd love to be a
manager' - trust me you don't!
Hidden somewhere in the contract
you sign (so small it's invisible without a microscope) it states "upon signing
this you agree to give up your life, your sleep, your overall happiness
and will pay for your 'free time' with double the hours at no cost to the
above company.  You agree that you will resolve any conflict of staff
in your supervision and use your mind reading and prediction abilities
to foresee drama and illness that interferes with the operations of  the
above company and shall also strive to control the unpredictability of
staff social lives to prevent disruption of services."
Okay, so it probably doesn't say it exactly like that, but it's still there...

For the past month I have been struggling with another new chapter on
the work front - one that had me working 12 days in a row at one point
(did i mention that this can and usually does include starting at 5am and then
having to go back 2 -3 times before the midnight close??) -
at the same time I tied up my muse and made her sit still so I could
catch up.  She wasn't happy at first, but now that I have a handle on
the huge list of things to get caught up on, she's decided maybe her
brief confinement was worth it.

The end result:  the first three books of the Magic Seasons are finished
with the re-writes and she helped on that front with the changes and
additions.  I've already started on editing the fourth book, but there's no
rush on that one right now.

Next on the list (and I've added counters to my blog to keep me on
task) is the final edit of Dream Visions - Book II in the Hidden Senses

Lost temporarily when I had three releases come out so close together
was the final proof and edit for the first book in my Animal Trilogy - Heart
so it's now sitting second in line to be done.

I refuse to stop writing (which thrills my energetic muse) so with
any free seconds I can find I'm still working on After the Silence. My
original word count estimation may be off by a few thousand though, I
don't think this story is going to be finished at 80,000 words!

Shuffled so far under the pile of edits is the first story in my Sisters of 
Heart trilogy - The Witch From Within.  the word count on that
one has sat still for so long I think it's accumulated a lot of dust -but
I'll find the time to brush that away in the next few weeks.

There is more on my writing to-do list, but I refuse to write any of it on my mental calendar at this point.  If my muse has a problem with this, she'd better learn how to type without the use of my hands.

Somewhere around here I have children - I know because they keep leaving trails of shoes and backpacks and it was a young hand that forced a plate under my nose just last night and told me to eat. I recall doing hair for grad pictures sometime in the last month too ... Their reward for still loving me despite the fact that they have to send me to bed more often then the other way around and that they are usually telling me their life-altering-teen-drama news while following me around at work is I've just booked the cabin at the lake for a get away in June (where they will hide my laptop and netbook and confiscate my phone for three glorious work-free days!)

Jacqueline Paige

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the Calendar

I have several things coming up and rather than fill the sides of the blog with
picture after picture and confuse myself I thought I'd put it all right here in one
post in a very simple format (the simple part is for me to remember what it is
I'm supposed to be doing and when!!)  :)


WHAT: Interview

WHO:  Author Mila Ramos
WHERE:  HERE and over at
WHAT: Interview

WHO: Author Ami Blackwelder
WHERE: HERE and a small cameo over at
WHAT: Interview

WHO: Author Jae Lynne Davies
WHAT: Interview

WHO: Author Michael J Lee
WHAT: Interview

WHEN: MAY 2nd - 9th
WHAT:  Virtual Book Tour for Twice Cursed

WHO: Author Mysti Parker
WHAT: Interview

WHEN: May 14th
WHO: Author Rie McGaha
WHAT: Interview

There will be more to add later on when I have the whats 'n wheres for
my tour and give away.

  Jacqueline Paige

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random pic Sunday

Somehow in my busy world I missed almost an
entire week before it dawned on me that it was
Sunday again.  I will try to post a little more often.

I took a few pictures of the receding winter.  
It hasn't quite left yet but spring is trying very hard
to force it to go.

And this is me doing the happy dance.
I can't wait for winter to go away!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random pic Sunday

Which way is up?

This is actually the reflection in the water.

As soon as this snow/ice leave I'm definitely
heading back to the serenity of this lake.

 Jacqueline Paige

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Behind the Mask

Evan smiled a huge fake grin at the nurse in a too-tight costume as he worked his way back toward the bar. He stopped and watched his, what would he call him? He was an employee, but he handled everything from Evan’s cars to calling the pool cleaners. He was also the only employee who knew of his magical abilities and had no problems with it. Whatever his title was, he was having a blast playing bartender at the party. Dressed as a Chippendale, and not the chipmunk kind, he flirted with an Egyptian princess that was waiting for her drinks. He waited until Teddy had struck out before leaning on the bar.

“How’s the king of the jungle?” Teddy leaned on the other side of the counter.

Evan hissed out a long breath. “Bored silly.” He glanced around the candle lit room at the too many costumed people acting like kids. “Did I invite this many?” And where was Arianna? It was past nine, and he’d started to feel like everyone was noticing he was watching the door more than the people talking to him.

Teddy looked around the room and shrugged his naked shoulders. “I don’t know when you consider each invite bringing a date . . .” He nodded. “Yeah probably.” He poured a rum and Coke and handed it to Evan. “You could select some sexy demon or angel to cosy up to.”

Evan sighed and fiddled with the napkins stacked neatly on the bar. “And how do I know which of them I’m boss to and which I’m not? I can’t go to work on Monday and find out I was seducing my own assistant or one of the secretaries.” He sipped the drink. “Tell me again why I wanted masks only.”

Teddy wiggled his dark eyebrows at him. “For the intrigue and mystery.”

Evan laughed. “Next time I want intrigue and mystery, tell me to go buy a book or watch a movie, okay?”

Teddy nodded. “Okay.” He glanced toward the entrance and then snapped his neck back to look at the door again. “Wow,” he whispered. “That’s several steps beyond intrigue and moving right into hot!”

Evan chuckled at the description and turned to look over his shoulder. Very nice, he thought at first glance. A witch stood in the entranceway looking around. She had passed on the typical witch portrayal and had gone for sexy instead. Her auburn hair hung just past her shoulders and framed her masked face. He ran his eyes down her curved shape to her black heels, and she pulled off sexy exquisitely. He was about to turn back to Teddy when she turned and a slender, very nicely shaped leg peaked out of the slit in black skirt. Black fishnet stockings lovingly wrapped that leg.

He turned more in the direction of the entranceway and took his fill of observing each inch of that leg. Every man has one weakness, he thought, and his just happened to be fishnet stockings. Maybe it was odd, but still the truth. She had gone from mildly interesting to extremely appealing with one move of a leg. He shook his head and reached back to quickly down the rest of his drink. Setting the glass on the bar, he gave the grinning bar tender a shrug. “As the host, it would be rude to not go over and greet her.”

  Jacqueline Paige

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Salvation and cover contest


Two centuries of not existing is about to change...

Setting the linen down, he looked to the clothes again. He had
tried twice to work the jeans and was at a loss. He heard the door
close to the front room of the house. He smiled; Miranda could
show him how to put these odd things on. He grabbed the jeans
and opened the bathroom door.
“Miranda, I am not—” He glanced up from the jeans to see a
woman—not Miranda—standing inside her door but a rather tall,
light-haired woman. He offered her his most charming smile.
“Hello.” She continued to stand there with her jaw dropped open
and her eyes huge. He was uncertain what he was to say as to
why he was standing in Miranda’s home with a small linen cloth
wrapped about his waist.
The door opened behind the silent woman and Miranda came
in. She stopped abruptly and looked up at the woman.
* * * *
 “Jody? When...” She looked over at Jareth standing outside the
bathroom door, jeans hanging from his hand and a white towel—
a small white towel—wrapped around a mouth-watering tight
waist. His chest was bare, beads of water from his hair dripped
down it. Had she ever seen a more tasty set of abs in her life? She
didn’t think so. She worked her way...slowly...up to his face to see
he knew exactly what she was thinking. He winked at her, snapping
her back to the problem at hand. She turned her head back to
her drooling, stunned friend, Jody. “Jody?”
Jody turned with her mouth still hanging open. She shut it
with a snap and looked back over at Jareth.
Randy turned to Jareth. “Could you give us a moment, Jareth?”
He inclined his head, but not before sending her a devilish

Mystic Perceptions cover is up on
the New Covey Cover awards.
(Entry #28)

Stop by and vote today!!

Jacqueline Paige