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Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Today while I was out shamelessly promoting my first release – BELTANE MAGIC- (August 7th!!!! – in case you haven’t managed to stumble across it ALL over the web- lol) at local book stores and libraries and the same question kept coming up. Why ebooks?

Of course my answer each time was filled with wonderful fact and reasoning. And I chuckled for most of the drive home when a sassy elderly lady answered for me the one time “Because paper doesn’t grow on trees.” Both of us laughed, having gotten the joke in that – however the young girl on the other side of the counter didn’t quite see the humour in it...

So why ebooks?

For me, I love books in any form a book can be in!!! More often than not I buy the ebook, yes I’ve been known to sit and wait for the clock to roll by midnight on a release date, and if it’s a favourite author I buy the paper version as well. It is hard to display a fabulous ebook collection on a shelf. (but my hard drives are full of them)

The practical side to buying/publishing an ebook is – no paper, less physical storage space, less time consuming -for publisher to format for ebook formats is less time consuming than setting up paper printing – or so I’ve been told and for a reader, you don’t have to leave the house to get the book. You can shop and select and it’s instantly there on your computer when you’re finished. (Fabulous for those nights of insomnia when you’ve already read everything on paper in the house - twice!)

Before the electronic book age hit, you had to choose which book you might be in the mood to read if you were going on a trip, anticipating a long wait in an office or to read on your break. There are more reasons than these but...

Now, you can upload favourites or your ‘to read’ list onto your portable device and decide then what you’re in the mood to read. Without having to announce to the world what exactly you are reading. (because seriously, sitting in a noisy office waiting room trying to become absorbed in the latest fantastic erotic paranormal book is at times awkward if you’re displaying the sexy cover of naked yummy bodies – and the young children of the woman waiting beside you have more than noticed and asked rather loudly about it...)

So, to me reading whatever wherever you want it a HUGE plus!!

Another thing I’d like to point out – and yes it may seem weird coming from a person that has had to actually go through boxes and boxes of paperbacks and decide (or try to) which ones you really, really HAVE to keep because you’re out of places to put them – is sometimes a book isn’t the great success that a publisher/author would like it to be and ebooks save printing (or paper and time). If the sales warrant it in ebook format, then printing it is a great idea ( I bought a new book shelf to fill!!!)

I could babble on for pages about this, but I won’t.

With that being said, go try and ebook, you might like it!

Jacqueline Paige

~never predictable~


Available at Amira Press

August 7th 2009


  1. I might add to your list of reason thae ebooks are so much better than print--people in remote areas don't always have access to bookstores and the cost of shipping is exorbitant.
    Al Gore would also be proud of the ecological benefits of ebooks.
    Finally, I think ebooks will make a major difference in the way libraries have to operate. Wouldn't it be great to go on line to your library and order a book from their list and have it sent to your computer? No late fees. LOL
    Sarah McNeal