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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seasonal changes...


I love fall, and all the colours that go with it...

(I suppose I should mention I live in Ontario, Canada
before I go too much further.)

I do not love the damp that comes with the pretty
scenery. Or the one-minute-warm-next-minute-too-cold
temperatures that go along with our falls here.
The sky has been many hues of grey and black
for almost a week now and the few glimpses of sun we've
had are brief and usually followed by downpours...


I love the summer scenery, every shade of green you
can imagine as things grow and mature, rainbows and
bright sunsets, brilliant flowers and of course contruction
I'm not talking about just the ones on the roads, I
mean the hard working crews that are on roof tops, sides of
buildings, standing on pavement under the blistering elements
for eight hours a day (or often longer).

I'm sure these crews are even less impressed with our Ontario
weather. I can at least sit in the house and look out the window
and wish for sunshine - they're out in it with no where to go and
it's their job.

I think we should have a "hug your construction worker day".
No, seriously..


(yes I forgot where I was going with this)

Jacqueline Paige

~never predictable~


  1. I don't know where you were going but the trip was very pretty!


  2. Thanks!

    It's a perfect example of brain multi-tasking and how that doesn't always work out.