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Friday, November 13, 2009

Are we there yet?

I have decided that I am my own worst enemy!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of chaos and adjustments
and I have some how forgotten sleep and food on more days than I
should have.

Working outside the home is always an adventure - and a great way
to get your head out of the keyboard. I started a new job - along with
an entire new staff at a franchise cafe and eatery that opened up one
block away from my house.

It was an adventure learning how to use
some of the equipment that is worth more than my car and you'd think
I would know better than to volunteer to take on more, but apparently
I don't.
So a few days into it I find myself with keys and codes and the
title of closing supervisor or is it night supervisor, I'm not sure now. So
far the part time kids I'm in charge of at nights have been great and listen
ten times better than my own - I wonder if I can adopt them...

I worked nine days (err, nights) in a row before I had one day/night
off. Which didn't feel like a day off because of everything around the
house I had to get caught up on - housework wise.
My kids (I still have 4 at home ranging from 9-18 yrs old)
are older and pretty self sufficient, but I think all of them have issues with
focusing as they started to do things to help and then just wandered off
and forgot to complete any of it.
We've "discussed" this problem and will see how it goes during my six day stretch.

On top of all of that my writing has grown a voice of it's own and it
nags at me non-stop! I entered NaNo again this year. Story all plotted
and planned (well, as much as I ever do). Of course having time to write
it would be wonderful - if not pure fantasy of wishful thinking. I'm sitting
at roughly 13,000 words right now and want to sink into the plot and see
what's going to happen!

I am in the middle of line edits for my Novella "In Our Dream" that's
being released on December 18th and
just finished the second round of edits on Sosltice Heat that's being
released on December 11th ... (so you can see the immediate attention
these require!!)

And because I have sooo much free time I agreed to some re-writes on
another story that I have just signed a contract for!

There's promoting too - I have to keep reminding me that if I don't tell
people my books are out there - they aren't going to know! I just need
an alarm that reminds me to do this regularly or an assistant. Maybe I
can bribe one of the kids...

All that's missing at this point is the other books I've signed with publishers
to suddenly be bumped up on the action list and more edits/re-writes to
arrive in my inbox!

Writing status: idle

Physical status: tired and sore (I was supposed to get up this morning for a dentist app't but my body said NO! So I listened until one of the older kids went by my door - yes a mom can recognize the child by the sound of them walking - and had him call the dentist and tell them I wasn't moving! lol) the sore part is due to I discovered last night at work that a hip bone is not able to move a huge built in freezer when you hit it at full speed! ouch!

Plans for the day: Ingest more coffee, open several word docs and see which one my brain wants to tackle today.

Of course if I'd get off blogspot all of that might happen faster.

I've decided I'm taking the entire month of December off as far as writing 'new' stories ... maybe, I've said that before though and with eight complete plot lines sitting there waiting to be written - well, we'll see how that goes!

Happy writing and reading!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm still trying to muddle through my NaNo as well...but you are definitely busier than I am! ;)