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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A day off!!

I have a day off! An entire day where I do not HAVE to go to the cafe
and do anything ... and I will fight with myself to not go there several times
through out today.
I know that the staff is finally at the point where they can make those little
decisions without me there to nod my head and I know
they will handle any rushes with ease now and I know if there is a decision or
problem they will call me if they're not sure how to proceed ...
I know all of that yet I will at some point end up there "just for a minute" and if the minute
is anything like last week it turned into four hours because I answered the phone
and found out one of the managers from head office was on their way there.

Now I need to decide how I want to spend my "day off".
I could do inventory data for
the cafe ...
I could sit and read all day and not think about work ...
or proofing, I have several stories that need proofing so I can send them on.
I also have several plots roughly mapped out that I am dying to dive into, but made promise to myself that I would tie up all unfinished (not contracted) work before I start anything else - whether I actually do that remains to be seen.
There is laundry to do, but I'd rather pretend that's not there if at all possible ...
my house appears to already be clean and I must praise my family for doing that and possibly apologize for being so busy I didn't notice it until this morning when I had a few moments to meander around and notice!

I just realized my fifth book comes out on Friday! No, I knew it was coming out - it's the fifth part that has just dawned on me. No wonder my brain is in limbo ... In six months time five books have been published and two more are contracted to be published!!

Maybe I'll just spend my day off surfing and trying to remember what relaxing feels like...

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