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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been working away at editing and proofing something I wrote over two years ago (yes I have that many stories ahead of myself) I have spent most of this time looking at the manuscript and shaking my head.

Not because of the plot, I still love it as much as I did when I wrote it. I'm shaking my head at the errors in this - the errors that are still in it after what has probably been 15 (okay 20) times of reading it through since it was written.

I'm not talking about typo's, most of those are just plain funny, I mean the real errors. I actually typed "here" instead of "hear" in several places. How could I do that? Seriously, I've known the difference between those since, what - grade three?

I can't believe the words my mind inserts while reading that are missing from the typed version. If I could just plug in my brain and have it typed out what I'm thinking and not have to wait for that slight delay in relaying the words to my fingers on the keyboard ...

I'd like to think I'm not alone in this and that other writers experience these little lapses from time to time.

Come on, you've never gotten so into a scene that you type it as fast as your fingers can move and then you glance at the screen to see that your fingers were not on the correct keys and you've just created a whole new language???

Tell me I'm not alone.



  1. I do that too. I think we get so excited we don't pay attention and do whatever it takes to get the story out. ;)

    Ahh, edits. I still hate them! LOL

  2. I'll have paragrpahs where whole chunks of sentences are missing. Normally the, and, to, those words and upon reading it over once or twice my brain will just insert automatically. Well, when I print it out for real edits I feel like a dummy! But no, your not alone!

  3. I feel so much better now!
    Thanks, ladies!


  4. Don't worry you're not alone. I have found then rather than "than" I always have formatting issues, trouble using active voice, and repeating myself with favourite words I like to use...
    Alot! lol

  5. I do that too! With each story I seem to have a new favorite word that I over use.