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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kids Rock!

If you're mother, you'll get this.

For years you worry and stress and work your butt off for
your little darlings.  

As they grow the task of worry becomes more of a 
challenge when they reach those years where they're more  
right than you are (or so they think).

Once through those bumpy areas you go back to worry
and start to hope you've done all you could.

(did I mention I have five 'darlings'?  3 oldest are boys
2 youngest are girls - they range from 10 years old to 21??)

When they are tiny they give you the courage to carry on
as you are their rock and survival.

Now that they're older my children are the foundation that 
hold me up when I just don't think I can find one more 
ounce of strength or sanity.  

They have all carried a part of the weight in our household 
(with minimal casualties and battles) as I've been working 60 hour
weeks for the last six months all while having surgery and 
various complications that followed.  
They are my biggest fans with my writing, even the few 
that are too young to read what dear Mom writes, 
and will hide as I mutter through re-writes and edits.  

And while they still demand their "me" time with mom in one
way or another or pout appropriately for certain things, they'll do
just about anything to make things easier for me.

(Have I mentioned yet how damn lucky I am???)

I have been dying for an e-reader as I HAVE to absorb
at least a book a day or I feel - lost, and I've been trying to
find a way to fit in more time for writing  (while waiting at 
appointments, in between moments at work etc...) 
and nothing I tried was working out.

Their solution (with the help of my man - xoxo) was a Netbook.
A cute little red netbook, complete with all the reading programs
I use (mobipocket, ms reader, adobe...) and a perfect little case
to go with it.  (the battery life alone is 7 hours!!!)

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!


and of Course

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