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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot and Steamy Days and Nights contest

When this topic was first selected, I had no
idea what to write.
 The first thing that came to mind was the beach.
 No I don’t mean
the beach filled with thousands of people, children
running, jet ski’s zooming around and so many
bodies in the water you’re not sure where
the people are you came with.

So I took my phone and went for a drive to
the far end, away from the vendors and people
and came up with what the hot and steamy days and
nights playing through my mind meant.

I picture people wandering towards home as the
hottest part of the day starts to fade.
A few remain behind, lingering and not having
anything to rush home to.

I can see a couple that have been eyeing each other
all day, finally taking that last opportunity
to talk to each other.  Swimming closer
to each other until it would be rude
not to speak to one another.

The talking turns into
splashing and flirting...

As the sun goes down and the day
cools off just a little, at the now deserted
beach where if you go far enough is
hidden behind long weeds that surround it
a man and woman ...

Well, I’ll save the details for another time
and let you get on to the next blog stop.
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  1. Your pictures are very beautiful and made me really want to be there. I would love to just be walking down the beach with the man I love and there not be anyone else around.

  2. It was beautiful...
    My man was there, he just let me take the pictures before getting in my way.

    Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. I loved your pictures, they seem so peaceful and calming. What a nice way to end a day.


  4. Gorgeous pics! Looks like a great way to spend the day.

  5. One of my favorite memories is walking the beaches on Maui at sunrise and sunset. Totally wonderous.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  6. That was a wonderful makes me want to know more about what the couple will get upto *wink*


  7. What Amazing Pictures, They Look So Tranquil. I Need To Find A Nice Spot Like That.


  8. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It reminded of the time when I lived on the coast in Santa Barbara. I spent many hours walking on the beach. *sigh* I really miss the ocean.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  9. Love the pictures. Our local beaches never look that peaceful.


  10. You've got my mind spinning the the possibilities and the thought that there is a beach only 5 minutes from me and it is promising to be a hot night!


  11. The pictures are beautiful. My pictures never look like that.


  12. If I were to aim a camera, they would never turn out like that yet with my little cell phone I have a whole collection of scenic photos.

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed them!

  13. I loved your pictures. Very romantic.