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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The race continues

As I approach the two days and counting before
I get to go away for three days of peace and
no schedule I find I have too much to accomplish
before I get there.

Aside from still needing to find the rest of the 
camping gear. (this includes the air mattress,
power converter for my laptop while in the 
car and of course my mini coffee maker)
I still have to go buy food so I can eat while
relaxing in the middle of a serene lake...

I've just finished my 8th day in a row at work
trying to make sure everything is in place so 
I can go away...

On the writing front I'm trying to finish up the
edits on Mystic Perceptions so I can get them 
back to the editor before I leave.  (I don't think
the trees will have internet where I'm going)

By the time I get everything done and get to go
away, I may just sleep for three days!!!

Here's yet another phone pic I took.  I've discovered
the different colour setting on my phone and I love 
this pic!

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