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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wrapping up summer

I can't believe it's the middle of August already!
Where did the summer go?
The last month is a blur of what felt like one really
long day.  With the crazy hours at work and trying to 
keep up with the kids, I don't think I've stopped more
than once to just sit and do nothing.
Holidays and vaca's will soon come to an end, so life
at work will slow back down until the snow flies, so 
I should be able to be missing from the cafe for a day
here and there.  
The kids are back in school in a few weeks, which
means from 8am to 4 pm I will know where they are
and they won't be phoning me every ten minutes to
ask if they can go do this and that.
I'd like to say I'll get to rest, but I've done myself in
on that front quite thoroughly.  In seven months time
I have five books (so far) being released - so it's a
circle of non-stop edits right now!

Mystic Perceptions is finished (except maybe a wee
tweak here and there after the copy editor is finished).
I'm hip deep in the edits for Salvation and any day now
I expect to start the first rounds for Harvest Dreams.
Here's a summary of what is going to be holding my 
attentions - just insert 'edits' before each release date.

Mystic Perceptions Book I in Hidden Senses Trilogy
- Class Act Books September 15
Promotional Blog Tour Sept 20-Oct 1st
Salvation - Eternal Press October 7
Promotional Blog Tour Oct 18-29th
Harvest Dreams Book III in the Magic Seasons series
-Class Act Books January 15
Promotional Blog Tour Jan 17-28
Twice Cursed - Whiskey Creek Press February 15
Beltane Magic Book I in the Magic Seasons series
(re-released) Class Act Books March 15

And before that list is complete I will probably have
more to add to it as I'm waiting to hear back on three
other submissions and I'm still writing (it may be a little
as 500 words a day sometimes, but I'm still moving

 So if I'm missing from loops, chats, facebook, twitter 
and all other means of the net social world ... know
I have really good reasons!!


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