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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The day of rest...not!

I wish it was a day of rest!
I do actually have today off from the cafe, but
rest isn't in the forecast for me.

With three days to go until the release of
Mystic Perceptions, I find I am still working on
tweaking blurbs, excerpts ... all the little things
I'll need in the coming weeks for interviews and
for the promotional world.   It's not easy to
select a small piece of a story for excerpts - I
know the story from start to finish, but with the
excerpts you don't want to give away everything, or
else why would someone buy the book?

On other writing fronts, I'm organizing the promotional
end of my next release Salvation for October.  I will just
be winding up my Mystic Perceptions blog tour on Oct 1st
in time for the release of Salvation on the 7th!  (take three
deep breaths, nap for a day and then off we go again!)

Do you think I'd take it easy on myself and just deal with
all of this?  NO!
I'm into the tear-down/rebuild edits of
Animal Heart.  Writers will understand this, but for those that
aren't quite sure it's where the writer goes through the
story again and rewrites many scenes that just didn't do
it for them when they wrote it - but so the story didn't
stall they kept on typing to get through it and onto the next
part.   Is this a serious rewrite?  For Heart, YES!  As it is
the first story I've done in the first person POV - now after
sometime away from it, I go back to see that I literally -
Me, myself and I'd it WAY TOO MUCH.   So taking the
" I " 's out of it is somewhat challenging.

At the same time I am bouncing back and forth from
Heart to work on The Witch Within ...  I don't even
have a projected length for this story, I'm just writing until
it's finished.  It could be a novella or much longer, I don't
know at this point.   I attempted to plot it, but the characters
didn't listen so now I'm writing to see where they're taking me.
This story wasn't even on my to-do list this year, I had it planned
for later next year, but it just kept nagging at me - so now I'm
typing like a mad woman again.

And now, I must go out and do about twenty errands I've
post-poned for the last week.  The kids have a list...  It's
not going to end well for me.

Don't forget to follow my blog and get your name in the
draw for the prizes.

Hope everyone else has a peaceful day of rest!!!

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