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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Mystic Perception Excerpt

We're down to 13 days until it comes out!
(you'll have to forgive the poor formatting, I
can't seem to communicate with blogspot and
have it listen.)

Reid walked back into the office and stopped as soon as

he saw the expression on Jacinda’s face. She was standing
behind his desk and it only took one glance at her face to
know he hadn’t closed the file open on his desktop.
Brent walked over to him, wincing, and quickly took

one mug from him. “I’ll—uh--be back.”

He watched Brent almost run from the room. Coward.
“I’m researching--trying to find a lead for you--and
you’re researching my past?”
Okay, so it sounded bad when she put it like that. “I like

to know who I’m working with.” He set the cups down on
the table, safely away from the angry woman, and she was
definitely angry--there was no guarding that emotion from
Stepping around his desk, she glared at him. “Then


She stood there glaring up at him with her hands on her
hips, almost daring him to push her further. And the part he
had trouble swallowing was she looked so appealing like
that he wanted to go over and hug her. Appealing? Where
had that insane thought come from? Here she was looking

like she was going to rip his head off and hand it to him and
his mind was tossing stuff like that at him. His own thoughts

jolted him into action. He walked with long strides over
behind his desk. “Why did you move away?”

Flinging a hand towards the computer monitor, she
hissed. “Can’t you read? I’d helped convict the son of a very
powerful man and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder.”
He frowned at the article on his screen briefly before he

looked over at her. Asking was making her angrier. “Is that
why you changed your last name?”

Putting her hands back on her hips, she dropped he
head down to look at the floor and took a deep breath before
answering. “Partially. Brown is a very common name and
looks much neater on a business card than Brown-Straton.”
Every word she spoke came out in a clipped, controlled

voice. He was sinking here. “Why do you avoid people?”

Her head popped up and brown eyes burned into him.
“I do what?”

“Avoid people; you walk through a room making sure
you’re close to no one.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Do you like being close to
strangers, Detective?”
He jammed both hands into his pockets and shook his


“Are we finished?” When he nodded she spun and
grabbed her purse, heading towards the door Brent was just
stepping through. “I’m going to get some air!” she hissed as
she moved past him.

Brent rolled his head towards his stupefied-looking
partner. “That went well.”


“Maybe--you should go try to fix it?”

Reid blew out a breath.
Grinning, Brent walked over to stand in front of him.

“Okay, setting aside that whole pride thing--which you seem
to have gotten more than anyone’s share of--she has gotten
us further with this case in two days then we’ve gotten in a
month.” Reid just stood there and looked at him. “And the
Captain will hit the ceiling if she walks out when the chief,
mayor and all those other big guys find out she quit because
you’re an ass.”

“Well, they all know that, so that shouldn’t be too
shocking.” Grinning, he shrugged. Guilt stabbed at him; he
let out a deep breath. “I’ll go talk to her.” Unclipping his
gun, he set it on the desk.

Brent smirked. “Is that so you don’t shoot her or so she
doesn’t beat you with it?”

Giving him an annoyed look, Reid walked towards the
door. “Bit of both,” he mumbled to himself.