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Magic Seasons Romance
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not the break I requested

I finally had two days off in a row - but not
the way I wanted them.  I have been laid up in
bed with ice on my head and a migraine that
won't stop.
These usually are my body's way of saying
"take a break" - but what my body doesn't
know is I don't have time to!
I'm finally able to sit up, so hopefully I will
be able to crawl into work tomorrow.

Enough whining...

Tomorrow I'm over at Embrace the Shadows
being interviewed for my Mystic Perceptions 
The next weeks schedule is looking to be a rather
full already.
The start of October brings the launch of
Romancing the Muses, I'm up on the 5th.

I have another blog stop on the 5th also.
I'll be at Cate Masters blog.
Don't forget to leave a comment and be 
entered in the draw 

On the 7th is the release of Salvation over
at Eternal Press where there will be a launch party chat
- I'll post the where and when as soon as I know
the final times.

All in all more than enough to keep me busy!


  1. CG on all your new releases. Sorry about the migraine. I know all about those bastards. ;-( Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks!
    It's not all bad, while medicated and drifting in and out my brain came up with the perfect ending for Heart.