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Saturday, December 11, 2010

After the Silence

Sometimes my muse refuses to follow schedules
I have penciled in.  On my to-do list it says I am
supposed to be working on various edits and writing
The Witch the lies Within (this is the second title when
I discovered The Witch Within had been used - several
times).  I was working on it when scenes from another
story started popping into my head..
So in the last two weeks I've done nothing with The Witch
but have taken After the Silence from the 900 word start to
over 30,000 words ... and it just keeps going!
I'm not sure why my muse feels this one has to be done
NOW but I'll take it.

After the Silence is not like anything I've written before,
there are no witches, curses or magic (that I know of)
it takes places in the near future when the world starts to
change and become a place not so comfortable to be in
or safe for that matter.

I thought I'd post a bit of it here and there to make up
for not finding the time to keep my blog up-to-date ...

Keeping in mind all of this is very rough and not
edited in any sort of way...

After the Silence
I was nineteen when the world went crazy – nothing that was would ever be again.

Remnants of a familiar world did remain, but not enough to instill those warm fuzzy feelings you get when life is comfortable.

I’m Bree Taylor and this is my story of how my life changed forever.

The years leading up to my nineteenth birthday were relatively ordinary, probably similar to your own.  The news broadcasted from time to time was of tragedy or natural disaster, but no one ever really took any of that as a sign of what was to come.

Things began to change and at first it still wasn’t anything I would call alarming.  Gradually over a year tragedy after tragedy grouped together started the spiritual fanatics harping that life was forever changed. Of course anyone that looked out the window or read a newspaper knew this, so really their spiritual connections weren’t giving them a special kind of heads up.  It wasn’t just the more frequent tornadoes, earth quakes where there had never been any before and flash floods in the oddest places that had everyone, including my family start to wonder, it was the weird fluctuations in the weather that brought most to the point of accepting some sort of abnormality on the planet was going on.  The skeptics even began to sit up and pay attention, finally admitting that a thing such as global warming might be a possibility.  When sink holes large enough to swallow whole blocks began to appear all the warning bells were ringing loud and clear.  My own thoughts, then, was Mother Nature had decided to fight back.  I know I would if you tore me down, used me up and polluted me at the rate the human race was to the earth.  I’d be more than pissed off enough to take something back and make a very loud statement.  

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