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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Twice Cursed

Here's another excerpt from Twice Cursed...

She heard him walking towards her. When she moved one arm he was standing over her, glaring down at her. “Sorry, I was right,” she said softly. Whiskers appeared beside her and without one nasty or haughty thought stretched out beside her so her head was across Maddy’s hip. Running a hand over her friend’s furry head, she looked back up at him. His facial expressions were changing so rapidly, she didn’t even want to ponder a guess at what was flying through his mind. “Might as well sit. I have some figuring out to do.”

Colin sat down a few feet from her and studied her. “So, if you’re a...I can’t believe I’m going to say this, witch or whatever, then undo this.”

Maddy frowned. “I’m more of a witchling, than a full fledged witch.” Did she really have to pour out her whole miserable existence to a man she didn’t know? “There’s been a few, um, hiccups in my abilities...”

He leaned closer and looked at her. “Did you do this to us?” She shook her head and he realized that from the upset expression on her face, she didn’t want this anymore than he did. “Define hiccups.”
Maddy bit her lip. “Well... I sometimes don’t always get the uh, desired outcome to my castings.” His eyebrows shot up.

“Desired outcome? You’re telling me you can’t then?”

Maddy leaned up on her elbows. “I didn’t say that. I know I can or would at least like to.”

Colin ran a hand through his hair. He had gone from looking mildly confused to very stressed. “Okay, so what do you mean by desired outcome?” He had no idea what he was asking, then again before today magic and witches were some-thing from cartoons and movies.

  Jacqueline Paige

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