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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Behind the Mask

Evan smiled a huge fake grin at the nurse in a too-tight costume as he worked his way back toward the bar. He stopped and watched his, what would he call him? He was an employee, but he handled everything from Evan’s cars to calling the pool cleaners. He was also the only employee who knew of his magical abilities and had no problems with it. Whatever his title was, he was having a blast playing bartender at the party. Dressed as a Chippendale, and not the chipmunk kind, he flirted with an Egyptian princess that was waiting for her drinks. He waited until Teddy had struck out before leaning on the bar.

“How’s the king of the jungle?” Teddy leaned on the other side of the counter.

Evan hissed out a long breath. “Bored silly.” He glanced around the candle lit room at the too many costumed people acting like kids. “Did I invite this many?” And where was Arianna? It was past nine, and he’d started to feel like everyone was noticing he was watching the door more than the people talking to him.

Teddy looked around the room and shrugged his naked shoulders. “I don’t know when you consider each invite bringing a date . . .” He nodded. “Yeah probably.” He poured a rum and Coke and handed it to Evan. “You could select some sexy demon or angel to cosy up to.”

Evan sighed and fiddled with the napkins stacked neatly on the bar. “And how do I know which of them I’m boss to and which I’m not? I can’t go to work on Monday and find out I was seducing my own assistant or one of the secretaries.” He sipped the drink. “Tell me again why I wanted masks only.”

Teddy wiggled his dark eyebrows at him. “For the intrigue and mystery.”

Evan laughed. “Next time I want intrigue and mystery, tell me to go buy a book or watch a movie, okay?”

Teddy nodded. “Okay.” He glanced toward the entrance and then snapped his neck back to look at the door again. “Wow,” he whispered. “That’s several steps beyond intrigue and moving right into hot!”

Evan chuckled at the description and turned to look over his shoulder. Very nice, he thought at first glance. A witch stood in the entranceway looking around. She had passed on the typical witch portrayal and had gone for sexy instead. Her auburn hair hung just past her shoulders and framed her masked face. He ran his eyes down her curved shape to her black heels, and she pulled off sexy exquisitely. He was about to turn back to Teddy when she turned and a slender, very nicely shaped leg peaked out of the slit in black skirt. Black fishnet stockings lovingly wrapped that leg.

He turned more in the direction of the entranceway and took his fill of observing each inch of that leg. Every man has one weakness, he thought, and his just happened to be fishnet stockings. Maybe it was odd, but still the truth. She had gone from mildly interesting to extremely appealing with one move of a leg. He shook his head and reached back to quickly down the rest of his drink. Setting the glass on the bar, he gave the grinning bar tender a shrug. “As the host, it would be rude to not go over and greet her.”

  Jacqueline Paige

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