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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When my writing realm clashes with reality...

I'm sure I've whined about this more than once in the last year-
about long hours of work that is required to support those frivolous
addicts my children and I have ... like eating and having electricity and
water ... each time when I think I may have a few hours of 'free time'
(of course I say free while rolling my eyes because there is always
a payment to be made for said free time in my world, like extra paperwork
or some sort of chaos that needs reigning in later on) something happens
in my reality that hinders that.  to those that think 'hey I'd love to be a
manager' - trust me you don't!
Hidden somewhere in the contract
you sign (so small it's invisible without a microscope) it states "upon signing
this you agree to give up your life, your sleep, your overall happiness
and will pay for your 'free time' with double the hours at no cost to the
above company.  You agree that you will resolve any conflict of staff
in your supervision and use your mind reading and prediction abilities
to foresee drama and illness that interferes with the operations of  the
above company and shall also strive to control the unpredictability of
staff social lives to prevent disruption of services."
Okay, so it probably doesn't say it exactly like that, but it's still there...

For the past month I have been struggling with another new chapter on
the work front - one that had me working 12 days in a row at one point
(did i mention that this can and usually does include starting at 5am and then
having to go back 2 -3 times before the midnight close??) -
at the same time I tied up my muse and made her sit still so I could
catch up.  She wasn't happy at first, but now that I have a handle on
the huge list of things to get caught up on, she's decided maybe her
brief confinement was worth it.

The end result:  the first three books of the Magic Seasons are finished
with the re-writes and she helped on that front with the changes and
additions.  I've already started on editing the fourth book, but there's no
rush on that one right now.

Next on the list (and I've added counters to my blog to keep me on
task) is the final edit of Dream Visions - Book II in the Hidden Senses

Lost temporarily when I had three releases come out so close together
was the final proof and edit for the first book in my Animal Trilogy - Heart
so it's now sitting second in line to be done.

I refuse to stop writing (which thrills my energetic muse) so with
any free seconds I can find I'm still working on After the Silence. My
original word count estimation may be off by a few thousand though, I
don't think this story is going to be finished at 80,000 words!

Shuffled so far under the pile of edits is the first story in my Sisters of 
Heart trilogy - The Witch From Within.  the word count on that
one has sat still for so long I think it's accumulated a lot of dust -but
I'll find the time to brush that away in the next few weeks.

There is more on my writing to-do list, but I refuse to write any of it on my mental calendar at this point.  If my muse has a problem with this, she'd better learn how to type without the use of my hands.

Somewhere around here I have children - I know because they keep leaving trails of shoes and backpacks and it was a young hand that forced a plate under my nose just last night and told me to eat. I recall doing hair for grad pictures sometime in the last month too ... Their reward for still loving me despite the fact that they have to send me to bed more often then the other way around and that they are usually telling me their life-altering-teen-drama news while following me around at work is I've just booked the cabin at the lake for a get away in June (where they will hide my laptop and netbook and confiscate my phone for three glorious work-free days!)

Jacqueline Paige

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