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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

News about A Dream

I didn't follow my own schedule of slowing down and
taking it easy for the summer to give my brain a bit of
a rest.
As a result of doing this though I have news!

The two part story series I wrote a few years ago
In Our Dream and From A Dream (oddly enough
I titled the series A Dream...) that were published at
Amira Press are only going to be available as 
separate stories until July 31st.

After this, they will no longer be at Amira Press
and you will have to wait to read them when they
are released in print in the fall (at least this is the tentative
date I'm aiming for).   Reviewers and Readers alike
wanted to see more of the characters in this series
so I've decided to put both 
parts as well as the unpublished third and
final piece of the series into one book!!

More news...

Also only available until July 31st is Behind the Mask.
It will be back as well (I'm aiming for Hallowe'en on this
one as it is a Hallowe'en tale) along with a second 
previously unpublished story-  This Ring, that is presently 
undergoing the heavy edit phase of writing.

I'm so excited having these all coming out so close

There's still more ...

Presently awaiting release dates (and gobs of editing
rounds) are:

Book II in the Hidden Senses Trilogy - Dream Visions

Book I in the Animal Trilogy - Animal Heart

The Magic Seasons series -
Book I  From Beltane Magic (previously released as
Beltane Magic)
Book II The Solstice Heat (previously released as
Solstice Heat)
Book III Harvest Dreams

Waiting in my editing pile is:

After the Silence

An Autumn Dance

And finally in my writing file awaiting

The Witch Descends

Inner Reflections

Good thing I decided to take it easy for a while...

I have some guests coming up on the blog
stop by on Friday July 8th for David M Brown.

Jacqueline Paige

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