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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How's that cloning research going?

It's Wednesday already, where did Tuesday go?
As my one day off each week you'd think I would have
found a way to make it last a little longer... no such luck!

Publicist guidelines suggest spending more time on
social networks (I'm trying!) Editor suggests focusing
more on edits - or all the social networking won't do
diddly if your publishing drivel filled with grammar
mistakes ... good point and I try very hard to edit the
words I've read over and over and over again - honestly!

To add a little more chaos into my mayhem one of my
full time staff gave me a week's notice that they were
moving to France!  So the shuffle to fill that shift has
meant more hours for me - yay!

In the mean time I have five books submitted out there
(and will be thrilled if all five are signed... but with my
luck it will happen all at once!) and another new release
coming out in a few days - oh and a month long book
tour starting in 13 days!

My sleep is not broken, it's just not scheduled in on my
agenda right now!

So how's that cloning research going?  Is it too early to
pre-order a few copies?  Maybe one for my house and
family and another to hover at work to ride out the bumps?

Jacqueline Paige

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