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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessed Beltane!

I want to wish everyone a blessed and happy Beltane.  I know technically it was yesterday, but I've always celebrated on May 1st.

As I fought to get my brain functioning at work this morning (4:30am) ... I came up with a wonderful contest to run for the Magic Seasons.  Book III is going to be released on the 15th and I've been trying to come up with something that would cover the whole series.

The Magic Seasons Contest !

It’s only fitting to begin the collection of entries on Beltane
Phase one:
From Beltane (April 30th) to Summer Solstice (June 20th)…
A winner will be drawn to receive From Beltane Magic (PDF or Print)
Phase two:
From Summer Solstice (June 20th) to Lammas (August 1st)…
A winner will be drawn to receive The Solstice Heat (PDF or Print) and a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw)
Phase three:
From Lammas (August 1st) to Mabon (September 22nd)…
A winner will be drawn to receive Harvest Dreams (PDF or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw) and a bag of swag 
Phase four:
From Mabon (September 22nd) to Samhain (October 31st)…
A winner will be drawn to receive An Autumn Dance (PDF or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw), a bag of swag and of course Halloween related goodies

Phase five:
From Samhain (October 31st) to Winter Solstice (December 21st)…
(Covers for book IV and V are unavailable at this time)
A winner will be drawn to receive Winter’s Mist (PDF or Print), a $10 gift certificate (choice of retailer will be given at time of draw), a bag of swag and a basket that is a chocolate/coffee lovers dream.

Five chances to win!
All entries received are placed back in the draw after each phase.  You could win once, twice or more!

The shipment dates for copies of books 4 and 5 may vary from the draw dates as the release dates are still unconfirmed with publishers release schedule. If at the time of the draw they are as yet unavailable an alternative choice will be given to the winner if they decide not to wait.

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Jacqueline Paige 


  1. What a wonderful contest. I love the idea of using the Solstices as a guide to dates for the give away.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  2. Thanks, ilona!

    It just seemed appropriate to do it this way, of course if I'd thought of it just a little earlier in the year it would have been perfect. Sometimes I'm just a little slow. lol

  3. what a unique concept. I've always been interested in the "natural" or wiccan way of the seasons.

  4. While I did touch on a little of this belief and that belief from several different spiritual paths in the series, I did stray often - after all it is fiction. We could only hope that some of what the Magic Seasons characters can do was a reality. At least I wish I could do what they can! lol

  5. A thoroughly unique approach. Love it!

  6. Thanks!
    Good luck with the draws!

  7. Great contest! Thanks for the chance to win! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  8. You're welcome.
    Lots of luck to you!

  9. This is a really great giveaway! So unique!

  10. These books sound so good. I hope to win, but if not I will be buying them.


  11. Either way, lots of luck and I hope you enjoy them, Sue.

    Thanks for commenting.


  12. Great Idea for a contest. It reminds me of something I might do. Good luck with it and your book sales. The ideas look very original.

  13. Hi Jacqueline :)
    Happy Lamas/Mabon, I LOVE your Magic Seasons series!
    Do you have plans for continuing the series?

    Mindy :)

  14. Hi, Mindy!

    Thank you.
    I'm thrilled that you're enjoying it.

    I have the first five books completed (book 4 is out in September and book 5 early next year I believe)I do have plans at least two more stories in this series, I just have to get caught up on some other works before I can sit down and see where these characters want to go.

    So many characters, not enough hours in the day to tell their story! :)

  15. HI JAQU!



  17. This is so clever! Checking out your Yahoo chat as we speak, I'm looking forward to it...


  18. Thanks for a great giveaway