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Friday, July 13, 2012

New release, updates and more!

This week has been a blur for me.  My job was a week of disasters -
from the A/C dying to the computers going down, and phones and ...
but on the writing front it was a great week, so I'm chalking it up as
a 'win' over all! 

Sunday Dream Visions will be released at Class Act Books (Amazon 
will follow within a few weeks later).  I'll post the links and excerpts on
Sunday when everything is live.  

I've been busy getting things organized for the release ( a huge thank you
to Bewitching Book Tours, without Roxanne working hard I'd be sitting here
holding my book wondering what to do.  Check out the first issue of 
Bewitching Book Tours Readers Magazine for some great books and
authors and more!)

With Roxanne taking care of all that for me, I've been working at getting the changes made to the book that comes after Dream Visions in the Hidden Senses Trilogy - Inner Reflections. As well as working on the edits for the fourth book in the Magic Seasons - Autumn Dance.


This year has been a marathon for me so far. Constant edits and revisions for so many
books at the same time I'm lucky I remember my own children's names most days.
You'd think I would take a much need breather now that I'm nearing the end ... four out of
six releases for 2012 completed ... but no I can't do that!   Yesterday I just received word
that the first book in my new Animal Trilogy will be out late fall/pre-holiday season. So keep 
an eye out for updates on Animal Heart.

Annnd (if you're an editor pretend that word only has one 'n') also I've been asked to do a few minor revisions to After the Silence to get it reader ready - of course I agreed to that too!

I'll rest in 2013 - maybe.

Don't forget to enter the Magic Seasons contest, there's still two and a half weeks until the second draw takes place!

Last on today's update... I find myself without my main Beta Reader. *sigh* She is due to have a bouncing baby boy in the next week or so (I hope for her sake its only a week) and has decided that she probably won't have the free time to read through my stories for a while.

So, if you're one of those people that think "Why didn't they do that?" while reading a story, then you may be the person I'm looking for!

I like feed back, what works, what doesn't, where it rambles too long or not long enough and to even suggest a 'what if' from time to time.  "It was good." is not feed back!!  Sometimes my eyes can't see what my own writing lacks.  

You don't have to be a writer or editor, just someone that loves to read and has an opinion.
If you're interesting in having the opportunity to read new stories before they're even published, drop me an email and tell me who your favorite authors are (just to see if we have something in common...) and I'll send you a sample to see if we'll fit together.

Please place BETA in the title so I don't lose your email along the way!


Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
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