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Magic Seasons Romance
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Contest winners and more...

I'm thrilled to announce the two winners for the Magic Seasons Books blog contest...

Julie Barrett was the March winner for the swag bag and the grand prize winner is Amber Hall!!


I love contests and draws and meeting new people by having them.  Thanks to everyone that has supported the Magic Seasons.

The brand new Class Act Books website is up and running, I absolutely love the new set up.  Swing by and check it out

And now onto some other stuff...
I really need to apologize to all those that contact or email me, I am so far behind my to-do list is still covered in snowbanks from the winter.  I had an unofficial assistant that helped to keep me caught up on all the little things - which translate into really big things when you look at the picture as a whole - and she experienced some life changing events that made it impossible for her to jump in and help me.  This leaves me standing here staring at the to-do list and wondering if it ever ends!   I'm slowly getting caught up.  The key word in that sentence is slowly...

I too have been buried in the reality things that I'd love to ignore, but can't.  My work has been going through some interesting (annoying) changes and I have to invest a lot more time there than I'd really prefer.  To add to the fun and excitement of my world we found out that we have to move and it's been a street of dead ends trying to find a place that works for my family and all the various jobs/schools etc...
And just because I don't like to do anything the easy way... I hurt my shoulder/arm at work and have been going through physio for it (which oddly enough makes it hurt more) so I've had to limit my writing, or rather the pain in my arm has limited my writing. 

Thanks to my wonderful Beta-reader-amazing-editing-person, Gaele, I am still plucking away at it and won't have to make anyone wait even longer for final proofs before getting the stories off to the publishers.  

Thanks again to everyone that has been supporting my writing and of course to everyone that reads it, without you I would be sitting here, lost.

Jacqueline Paige
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