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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer's almost gone

I can't believe summer is almost over!

It's been a blur of moving, kids and somewhere in all of that I managed to get almost get caught up on my deadlines.

With my oldest visiting this week with the kids, I've had to put aside any new projects but this left time to work on synopsis's ... the one thing I loath having to write.  I find it a very frustrating process, taking 200 pages of story and summarizing it in 2-5 pages. I usually start with a point form list of what happened in each chapter and then expand on that.  Unfortunately I generally end up with 10-15 pages from this. After that I have to whittle it down and decide what stays and what goes. As the author I think all points are important, but sometimes they're not to an editor.

The good news is I only have two more to finish.
The bad news is I then have to come up with the back cover blurbs from there.

I think the synopsis and blurb are the reason I have completed stories sitting here for months at a time.

Is there such a place called Blurbs R us?  Maybe a blurb writing for idiots book?  
I'm going to have to look into that...

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer (I for one am looking forward to the school routine and those more frequent quite moments in the house).

Now I must get back to work so I have a cleared schedule to start a new project on the 1st.

I was sent this clock and had to share it.  I'm not sure where they got it from, but I'd love a real one on my wall.

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