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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ah, so this is hell!

(here is where those that have known me for a long time say "Oh, she's back!")

I never truly believed in 'hell' - I mean in my own warped way I've always thought that those too good for hell were quite content (and maybe a smidge boring) with following all the rules and those that were meant for hell really wouldn't care at that point because they'd had all their fun.

In the past few months I have adjusted that thinking to finding my own personal hell and oddly enough it's other people!!

I am a patient and sometimes complacent type of person (I did say SOMETIMES), but I've found that part of me is fading. I'm not sure I like it! I have been running myself ragged trying to accommodate people that at first seemed to be worthy of my efforts...

Only to find - now - that these people are only there for themselves and for self serving reasons.
I am sad at this realization and more than disappointed - but I'm also pissed!!

I didn't want to do it this way, but welcome to dictatorship where I what I say goes and there is no in between and there is definitely no negotiation or pathetic "but" stories!!

Yep, it's gonna be a whole new world of "Our manager's a bitch" and if you don't like it follow the instructions above the door "EXIT"!!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

One thing at at time..

I keep telling myself I'll work on one thing at a time, but it never seems to happen.

I've been working on cleaning up the third story in the Magic Seasons series -Harvest Dreams to get it to the publisher. This alone is quite the task. I haven't looked at this manuscript in roughly a year and it's very entertaining to go back now and see what I wrote (and the errors I made). I should have this ready by the end of the week.
When writing a story for NaNoWriMo I tend to type like a madwoman and ignore the mistakes, just so I can complete those 50,000 words by the deadline. Unfortunately the story I wrote for this is the first in my Animal Trilogy - Heart - and it's becoming more of a complete re-write the further I get into it.

On the good side of things last years story from NaNo - Mystic Perceptions has been contracted and I'll be working on edits with it shortly too. It is also the first in a Trilogy, the Hidden Senses Trilogy. I have two written in that story line.

I keep telling myself "One thing at a time" and then my muse drops ideas in my head of Trilogy's and stories for a series ... my muse needs to learn how to type I think.

On top of all of this I will also be starting edits with another publisher on Twice Cursed - which oddly enough is a single, stand alone story - and if I try really hard not to think about it, it will stay as a single story!!

In March I have several Author Reads to get finished up and posted. I had debated on axing this, but I enjoy sharing with other author's too much to completely let it go. Keep an eye out for those...

When I'm not working on all of the above I'm at work where I manage a quaint cafe franchise and promoting my writing.
Speaking of promoting, I decided I had thirty minutes a week to spare (sighs loudly) and have joined up with a large group of authors that have started a new blog "Romance Writers Behaving Badly" The blogs big kick off bash is all week long. Stop by and check it out!

Okay, my coffee has soaked into all pores and organs and I am now alert enough to do some of my fun paperwork for the cafe before I climb back into Harvest Dreams and try to get a few more chapters shiny.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been working away at editing and proofing something I wrote over two years ago (yes I have that many stories ahead of myself) I have spent most of this time looking at the manuscript and shaking my head.

Not because of the plot, I still love it as much as I did when I wrote it. I'm shaking my head at the errors in this - the errors that are still in it after what has probably been 15 (okay 20) times of reading it through since it was written.

I'm not talking about typo's, most of those are just plain funny, I mean the real errors. I actually typed "here" instead of "hear" in several places. How could I do that? Seriously, I've known the difference between those since, what - grade three?

I can't believe the words my mind inserts while reading that are missing from the typed version. If I could just plug in my brain and have it typed out what I'm thinking and not have to wait for that slight delay in relaying the words to my fingers on the keyboard ...

I'd like to think I'm not alone in this and that other writers experience these little lapses from time to time.

Come on, you've never gotten so into a scene that you type it as fast as your fingers can move and then you glance at the screen to see that your fingers were not on the correct keys and you've just created a whole new language???

Tell me I'm not alone.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Can I skip Monday's and go straight to Tuesdays?


Seriously, I used to love Monday's! Monday was my day of quiet after the weekend. A day to chat with friends online or email ... now Monday is probably the day I loath the most. It doesn't seem to matter how I prepare or how early I try to get a start on it ... it's never enough!!!

Monday to me now means getting up early - after a late night of counting inventory and trying to get it entered in the excel form for Monday morning. If it were only the inventory data I had to deal with, life would be pretty smelling bubbles - but it's not.

In a few hours time I need to have an entire weeks worth of summaries and calculations and data all printed up and neatly presented - on top of phone calls, customers and staff issues AND all of the emails that seem to flood in on Sunday night while I'm at home entering data.

By the end of my work Monday I sit there and decide how much I really need to keep my job.

I just want my Monday back, my quiet, my zen ... please?

I think my week should just skip Monday's I could double up on Saturdays or something for now or maybe two Tuesdays. "I'm sorry I don't have a Monday on my schedule, I'll have to get back to you later."

Tuesday is my supposed only day off each week, so two Tuesdays for me please!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

From A Dream is out!!

I am so happy the second part to Jennah and Dominic's story is out!

I just found out that the first part In Our Dream received 5 delightful divas at Dark Diva Reviews.

Jennah has found happiness. She wasn’t looking for it but isn’t about to give it up now that she has it. Everything she craved for years was now right in front of her--a man that makes her feel cherished, a peaceful life, and a job she enjoys. It all changes when she wakes up in a dark hole, alone, unarmed and unable to connect with the one man she’s grown to need.

Dominic realizes he is one of those men that wants the whole package of marriage and a family, and he’s found the woman to have that with. He’s going stir crazy having to stay hidden until the leader of a criminal organization is caught, but he’s more than willing to stay right here with her.

All of his plans evaporate when a vindictive criminal takes her from him as a hostage. He won’t rest until she’s in his arms again.

Jennah Best left the adrenaline packed life of being a cop on the edge for a more peaceful place. She escaped a marriage that almost destroyed her and now lives her life working for a small police station in the town of Ridge. She’s accepted that it’s too late and too much work to start all over again, until she meets a man in a dream...

Dominic Palmer has always proven he can get the job done. Or at least, that was the case before he accepted a job and agreed to go undercover as an inmate. When months go by and there’s no word from his outside contact, he wonders if he’s been left on the inside for good. He’s fighting to stay alive and keep his sanity, but finds himself completely distracted by a mysterious woman he met in a dream...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A day off!!

I have a day off! An entire day where I do not HAVE to go to the cafe
and do anything ... and I will fight with myself to not go there several times
through out today.
I know that the staff is finally at the point where they can make those little
decisions without me there to nod my head and I know
they will handle any rushes with ease now and I know if there is a decision or
problem they will call me if they're not sure how to proceed ...
I know all of that yet I will at some point end up there "just for a minute" and if the minute
is anything like last week it turned into four hours because I answered the phone
and found out one of the managers from head office was on their way there.

Now I need to decide how I want to spend my "day off".
I could do inventory data for
the cafe ...
I could sit and read all day and not think about work ...
or proofing, I have several stories that need proofing so I can send them on.
I also have several plots roughly mapped out that I am dying to dive into, but made promise to myself that I would tie up all unfinished (not contracted) work before I start anything else - whether I actually do that remains to be seen.
There is laundry to do, but I'd rather pretend that's not there if at all possible ...
my house appears to already be clean and I must praise my family for doing that and possibly apologize for being so busy I didn't notice it until this morning when I had a few moments to meander around and notice!

I just realized my fifth book comes out on Friday! No, I knew it was coming out - it's the fifth part that has just dawned on me. No wonder my brain is in limbo ... In six months time five books have been published and two more are contracted to be published!!

Maybe I'll just spend my day off surfing and trying to remember what relaxing feels like...