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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The race continues

As I approach the two days and counting before
I get to go away for three days of peace and
no schedule I find I have too much to accomplish
before I get there.

Aside from still needing to find the rest of the 
camping gear. (this includes the air mattress,
power converter for my laptop while in the 
car and of course my mini coffee maker)
I still have to go buy food so I can eat while
relaxing in the middle of a serene lake...

I've just finished my 8th day in a row at work
trying to make sure everything is in place so 
I can go away...

On the writing front I'm trying to finish up the
edits on Mystic Perceptions so I can get them 
back to the editor before I leave.  (I don't think
the trees will have internet where I'm going)

By the time I get everything done and get to go
away, I may just sleep for three days!!!

Here's yet another phone pic I took.  I've discovered
the different colour setting on my phone and I love 
this pic!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview with Cindy Jacks

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author 
Cindy Jacks on her tour for her contemporary romantic 
comedy, All the Good Men.

Thanks so much for having me as your guest today 
and letting me chat about myself and my book, 
All the Good Men.

1.       Who is Cindy Jacks?

I think I'm just a big kid at heart. I love to 
try new things, from experimental cooking to 
belly dancing, I love pushing the edge of 
my comfort zone and skill set. I hope 
that zest for life comes through in my writing.

2.       What genre do you write? Why?

I write romance and erotica as Cindy Jacks 
and horror, paranormal, and suspense as 
CJ Elliott. Romantic and sexual situations 
appeal to me because I'm endlessly fascinated 
by interpersonal relationships. I had an art history 
teacher who said, “There are as many ways to 
be human as there are people on this planet.” 
I think the same holds true for love.

As for the horror and suspense work I do, it's 
because I'm a big fan of both genres. I can't get 
enough of paperback thrillers, lol.

3.       What is the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part for me is going through edits. Not 
because I don't want to change my work, but 
I'm very critical of myself so I feel like every 
comment or suggested change is something I 
should've thought of on my own. I'm a 
perfectionist and I can be awfully hard on myself.

4.       Do you ever have problems with writers block?  
If so how do you get through it?

At times, I don't feel like writing, but I think as 
a professional, I don't have the luxury of being
 undisciplined about my craft so I just keep 
approaching the laptop every day, sometimes 
several times a day. Even if I eke out just a few 
words, it's better than avoiding the work by 
playing Mario Kart all day—which I've also 
been known to do, lol. If I keep bouncing ideas 
against the wall eventually I'll have a breakthrough.

5.       What do you do when you’re not writing/editing 
or thinking about writing/editing?

Much of my day is spent with my family. My 
five-year-old son is always showing me different 
ways to view the world. The other day he said, 
“If the sky were orange juice, I could drink it.” 
I found that so profound I wrote it down, lol.
When I'm not keeping up with the family or 
writing, I keep in shape by belly dancing and 
doing yoga. I'm also a very creative person 
so I draw, paint, and make jewelry. And then 
there's also that nasty Mario Kart habit I 
mentioned earlier!

6.       When did you realize you wanted to write?

I've wanted to be an author as long as I can remember. 
My parents gave me a huge gift by teaching me to 
love books. Reading has always been a big part 
of my life and reading great works of fiction 
made me want to create my own novels and short stories.

7.       While working on a story, do you directly onto the 
computer or are there notebooks and plot ideas 
jotted down in various places?

I usually write directly on the computer—I can't 
function without my laptop. But when the 
weather's nice outside, I'll take my son to the park 
and write in a notebook. Sometimes writing the 
old-fashioned w
ay with pen and paper brings 

about interesting results because there's this 

sort of built-in editing process that takes place 

when I transcribe the handwritten work to the computer.

8.       From your own writing, do you have a favourite story or character? Why?

I think All the Good Men is shaping up to be my 
favorite book, though it didn't start out that way. 
It came from an off-handed idea that I thought 
would turn out 'fluffier' than the book actually did. 
It's was also a struggle to get to know the characters 
and to get the right balance of romance, comedy, 
and drama. But I think because the book was 
difficult to get right, it means more now that 
it's out in the world for public consumption. 
I feel like I earned the success.

9.       Tell us one thing about you we don’t know.

I have an outrageous shoe fetish. I love shoes, 
particularly very feminine, spectacularly stylish heels. 
I think I have about thirty pairs. I know they're 
horrible for my feet, but I don't care. My love 
of shoes runs so deep, I wrote an entire book 
about a pair of red high heels designed by 
Beth Levine that drift from owner to owner and 
an 6 decades. Taking Off: the Red Shoe 

Collection is another one of my favorite books, 
probably because it was the easiest for me to write, lol.

Thank you again for having me! 
Below are my links to share with readers. 
I enjoyed the interview so much!

Buy it now: All the Good Men
But it now: Taking Off—the Red Shoe Collection

Thanks for being here, Cindy!!

Here's a bit about All the Good Men

Good things come in forty-something 
firefighter packages...

Dahlia is sure the hackneyed platitude is true: After 
a certain age, all the good men are married or gay. 
She feels her thirty-eight years put her well past 
that 'certain age.' Her best friend and her sisters 
dare her to put her fate where her mouth is. 
The terms of the challenge? 
During the month of October, she has to end
 her five-year-long man fast and go on dates
 with men of their choosing. Oh, and she 
also has to go out with anyone else who asks.

As the date disasters pile up, the vindication 

almost makes the torturous evenings bearable 

for Dahlia. But a handsome new neighbor, 

Jackson Carmichael, moves in, changing the 

rules of the game. Retired after twenty-six years 

as a pro firefighter in Boston, he volunteers 

with the local fire department, coaches a youth 

hockey team, and appears for all the world 

to be the perfect man. He just might throw a 

wrench into Dahlia's plan to die lonely and 

single...that is if she doesn't scare him away first.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!

Just thought I'd take a few minutes and wish everyone 
a happy Solstice!

I can't believe it's summer already.

I have a few things to celebrate along with the
season change.
Book III in the Magic Seasons series -
Harvest Dreams has been contracted by
Class Act Books.  I'll have more news about
that soon.

I also have the cover for Mystic Perceptions 
the first story in the Hidden Senses Trilogy.

Which will be released on July 15th
at Class Act Books.

I'll have more news on that front
in the next few days as well.

Tomorrow I have Author Cindy Jacks
here on my blog.  

See you then!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot and Steamy Days and Nights contest

When this topic was first selected, I had no
idea what to write.
 The first thing that came to mind was the beach.
 No I don’t mean
the beach filled with thousands of people, children
running, jet ski’s zooming around and so many
bodies in the water you’re not sure where
the people are you came with.

So I took my phone and went for a drive to
the far end, away from the vendors and people
and came up with what the hot and steamy days and
nights playing through my mind meant.

I picture people wandering towards home as the
hottest part of the day starts to fade.
A few remain behind, lingering and not having
anything to rush home to.

I can see a couple that have been eyeing each other
all day, finally taking that last opportunity
to talk to each other.  Swimming closer
to each other until it would be rude
not to speak to one another.

The talking turns into
splashing and flirting...

As the sun goes down and the day
cools off just a little, at the now deserted
beach where if you go far enough is
hidden behind long weeds that surround it
a man and woman ...

Well, I’ll save the details for another time
and let you get on to the next blog stop.
Your next stop is:
Remember to post on each blog in the
Tour to be entered in the draw.

If you haven’t done that, here’s the
start so you can go back and see
an amazing group of authors and their blogs:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I want to live here

You know how everyone always tells you that
you don't miss something until it's gone?
They're right.

We went from living on top of a hill (half way
up a mountain) to living in town and for a short
time it wasn't too bad, for the convenience
of things.  But now every chance I get I find
myself driving in the middle of nowhere, wishing
for the silence of the top of my hill.

Just as soon as I can we're moving to
somewhere like here...

Friday, June 11, 2010


I've been working on the edits for Mystic Perceptions and
I'm pleasantly surprised with them.
Usually edits ... hurt on a level that I think only the author
can feel.  These are quite painless.

I think each time I send in a completed, polished
manuscript I hold my breath.  It doesn't matter
how many times I go through it, I still miss things.
My brain reaches and auto-respond mode after
so many times through it and just inserts the missing
words or corrects the wrong words all on it's own.

I opened the edits and scroll through, it's just
something I have to do before I go back to page
one and read it.  This time I was delighted to see
only two areas in the whole manuscript needed
a bit of an overhaul.

I might just be getting the hang of this...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Golden tiger

I love tigers, and all large cats.
I have a golden retriever that is the largest
lapdog ever.

I never thought of mixing the two...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interview with Suzanne Brandyn

I have the pleasure of having Suzanne Brandyn
on my blog.

1. Who is Suzanne Brandyn?
Suzanne Brandyn lives on the Mid-North Coast, 
of the East Coast of Australia, who has 
always wanted to write but circumstances 
prevented her from doing so.

2. What genre do you write? Why?
I write contemporary romance and currently I
 have finished a romantic suspense. Why? 
I love romance; after all, it is universal. I love 
the happy ever after and the journey my 
characters endure to reach their destination.  

3. What is the hardest part of writing for you?
A few months ago, I was stuck and it took 
a week to get back on track. It wouldn’t 
flow, and my mind seemed locked. 

4. Do you ever have problems with writers block? 
If so how do you get through it?
Oh, I’ve answered this above briefly. I got through 
this first time writers block by stepping away and 
doing other things, like shopping. Now that’s 
something worthwhile. Lol. By doing this it freed 
something in my mind and I was ready once 
again to write.  It was a scary time. I thought 
I would never be able to write again. It’s 
something most writers go through; 
thankfully it can be short lived. 

5. What do you do when you’re not writing/editing
 or thinking about writing/editing?
I usually swim, snorkel, long power walks, go 
flying with my husband in a light aircraft, 
and sometimes I paint. Oh, did I mention 
I dabble in photography as well. 

6. When did you realize you wanted to write?
When everyone kept telling I am born storyteller.
 The desire was there but it wasn’t until five 
years ago that I had the opportunity to 
spend time on my writing. 

7. While working on a story, do you write directly 
onto the computer or are there notebooks 
and plot ideas jotted down in various places?
I used to write longhand on paper, but now 
I can input straight into the computer.  Sometimes 
I take my laptop outside and write that way, 
and then again, I occasionally write long hand 
on paper at the beach.  I always have notepads 
scattered on my desk, pictures up on corkboards, 
and plot ideas in a folder along with character ideas. 

8. From your own writing, do you have 
a favourite story or character? Why?
Sarah Munro in ‘Heat in the Outback’ is one of 
my favourite characters. She has lost so much, 
but in order to try to get it back she has to go 
through a lot of emotional confusion, until 
she realises what she had been searching 
for all her life, was right before her eyes.  

9.  Tell us one thing about you we don’t know.
 I have a crush on Hugh Jackman. J 
Yum scrum, he makes my knees weak. Lol

Thank you for having me Jacqueline.  

Thanks so much Suzanne!

Here's a peak at Heat in the Outback - which
has most definitely been added to my
TBR pile!

The soaring temperature in the Outback 
is not the only heat Sarah Munro faces when 
she returns home for her father’s funeral. 
She wants to settle his affairs, sell the family’s 
homestead, Munro Cattle Station, and 
return to Sydney, and her fiancĂ©, as quickly 
as possible. Sarah doesn’t want anyone to 
find out what she’d done in the past. She 
wants to close this chapter of her life for good. 
Then there will never be a reason to return 
to this dusty one horse town. She is wrong!
Ethan Wade, her first love is at the homestead. 
Ethan claims he owns half of Munro Station. 
Sarah wants him out! As they try to settle their 
differences, a raging attraction ignites.
Will Sarah and Ethan find each other 
again as their past explodes before them? 

(I have to say I had a hard time choosing which
one to put up here today)

      His right hand swung for the screen door. 
At that moment, he caught a glimpse of red sandals, 
anchored to long silky legs, swinging over 
the edge of the sofa.  He bent and peered 
through the window to get a better view.
      His mouth twisted to one side as he 
stared at red painted toenails. He gulped 
against tightness in his throat, then jerked 
back before swinging the door open 
and stepping into the house.

      He had to get hold of himself. His heart 
bashed against his ribcage, forcing him
 to take a moment to compose himself. 

      He’d thought about this day for ten 
long years and could scarcely believe the 
confrontation was going to take place. Then 
he heard her sniffle and blow her nose. 
Taking a cautious step forward toward the 
lounge-room door, he turned in her direction.

    His heart belted much harder against 
his chest, his muscles locked, and 
blood pounded through his veins. 
How in the hell was he going to handle this? 

You can find Heat in the Outback 

and Suzanne 

Monday, June 7, 2010

I did what???

First, I'll apologize to those followers I some how
managed to kick off my blog.

I don't know how I did this, I didn't even know this was
something I could do until someone dropped me a line
and told me that I didn't have a "follow" button...

I did and why I don't know I'm not sure.

The first few to follow me are there and the last
few are there and the only thing I can figure is
when I completely reformatted I've clicked the
wrong option somewhere.
(if anyone has any clue to what I've done and
can somehow undo it, please let me know!!!)

And I'll apologize again, whatever, however
I've done this it was not intentional.  I would never
shun anyone that way!!

Next time I decide I want to rearrange and reformat,
I'll get help.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Finally! After eight months of running without
stop I took a few hours to go somewhere
other than home and work...

The snowbirds were at the military base
a half hour from us and I couldn't miss that

Of course if I'd taken something other than my
phone to take pictures with it would have

One of my girls - posing for the camera of course.

There are more, but trying to chase these with a cellphone
camera and not "just missing" them was a challenge 
and then some...

I'm going to have to try this venturing out of the house
and avoiding work more in the months to come.

I liked it! (sunburn and all)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Interview with Mysti Holiday

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author 
Mysti Holiday.

 I have to chuckle, generally authors send their
head shot for their interviews, Mysti sent this.
I have to give her bonus points for originality!

J-1.Who is Mysti Holiday?

M- I’m a wife, a mother, a lover, a writer.  
I love imagining things, and have the best ever job: 
thinking about love and its many reflections.  
I’m blessed to be able to stay at home, and 
am able to spend some of that time creating hot, 
sexy women who seduce equally hot, sexy men 
into bed and into love. 
What could be better than that?

J-I can't argue with that!!

J- 2. What genre do you write? Why?

M- Right now, I’m sticking with contemporary.  
I’ve tried historical, but always get utterly hung up on
 the details – I’m a freak when it comes to that and 
I’m terrified I’ll screw something up.  
I’ve toyed with the idea of fantasy or paranormal, 
but for now I’m all about keeping my men and 
women in the now.

J- Hot sexy men in the now works for me!

J- 3. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

M- Figuring out how to make sex integral to the plot.  
This isn’t sex for sex’s sake:  it has to both 
advance the plot and have a reason for happening.  
And in erotic romance, it should happen 
early and often so figuring out how to get the 
characters into bed (or on the floor or against the wall) 
in only a few pages can be a challenge.

J- I can only imagine it would be.  The fact that you 
do manage to do it and keep a plot is awesome.

J- 4. Do you ever have problems with writers block?  
If so how do you get through it?

M- Sometimes – doesn’t everyone?  
Mostly I just force myself to write.  Frequently, 
I’ll either work on  something else, or write a scene 
out of sequence.  Sometimes I’ll write something 
with the protagonists that wouldn’t ever be something 
for the story...maybe I’ll have them shopping for a sofa 
or hanging wallpaper.  
But just writing SOMETHING helps get me over the hump.

J - I'm going to have to keep that in mind the next time
my muse isn't in a working frame of mind.

J- 5. What do you do when you’re not writing/editing 
or thinking about writing/editing?

Wishing I was?  Ha!  I keep absurdly busy... 
I have lots of hobbies that I indulge in, including baking, 
gardening, scrapbooking and photography and more.  
I also have kids (two and four legged) that keep me 
very busy.  Throw a husband who likes to see me now 
and then, and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

J- Toss in editing, promoting and plotting
and it makes me wonder when you sleep.

J- 6. When did you realize you wanted to write?

M- In the womb?  Seriously, I wrote my first novel when 
I was eight, toyed with poetry in junior high 
and headed back into novel writing in high school.  
Tried my hand at writing lyrics for a friend who 
composed music, but fiction always pulled me back.

J- 7. While working on a story, do you directly 
onto the computer or are there notebooks 
and plot ideas jotted down in various places?

M- I usually write directly on the computer. 
Still, there are some times that writing on paper 
makes things work a little differently.  It’s not so 
easy to go back and edit, and can help me 
move forward when I need a kick in the butt.  
Maybe I should have added that to the 
writer’s block question up above!! 

J- 8. From your own writing, do you have a 
favourite story or character? Why?

M-Nope.  I always fall in love with my characters 
as I’m writing them, but by the time they’ve 
gone through edits and I’ve had to read the same 
stuff over and over and over and over, I’m sick and 
tired of them and ready to move on.  
Really, whatever I’m currently working on 
tends to be my favorite. 

J- 9.  Tell us one thing about you we don’t know.

M- I can’t wear the color yellow.  I’ve tried – I love yellow.  

But when I put it on, I want to crawl into a cave and hide.  
And it’s any shade of yellow. I’m a “winter”, so in theory, 
bright, true yellow should look good on me 
(and I’ve been told it does), but I can’t do it.  
If you took away all my clothes and forced me 
into yellow, I’d probably never leave the house.  
Or else I’d go naked.  Seriously

J- If your husband reads this, you
may find your closet full of yellow clothes

Thank you so much, Mysti!!

M-Thanks so much for having me! 

If you’re interested in finding out more, you 
can visit me at my blog and website:

Kasey Davenport and Cole Roberts—adversaries 
since junior high when Cole did nothing but pull 
her hair, snap her bra strap, and tease her 
mercilessly—find themselves unexpectedly 
thrown together when Kasey is in town on a layover. 
As always, sparks fly between them, but this 
time the attraction simmering close to the surface
 explodes into a passion neither of them expected or wanted.

After years of mutual avoidance and denying 
their attraction, can Kasey and Cole stop 
arguing long enough to discover if what 
they feel will last more than just one night?