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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This weekend and progress

This weekend I'm going to be part of a fun event.
Fellow authors from Class Act Books will be over at
Ravencraft's Romance Realm chatting it up and giving things
 Up Coming Events
Click on the picture to go and see the list of prizes.

On the writing front I sat down and attempted to figure out
what I need to be focusing on the most.  The list of things
to do and deadlines is a little overwhelming!!

The never ending WIP (Cross Over Huntress) is two chapters
away from completion and only 20,000 words past what I had
planned on!

Once that is finished I will be wearing my edit hat for quite sometime.
I've informed my muse there will be NO NEW PLOTS at this time.
I will be busy with promoting the new releases and completing edits for
those coming up.

Here's the line up for me for February and March:
Book IV in the Magic Seasons - Autumn Dance (polish up and get that
submitted- my editor is dying to know what happens!)
Animal Heart Book I in Animal Trilogy (rewrites and re-submission)
Book III in Hidden Senses Trilogy -Inner Reflections
 finish and submit (this one has a projected release date already!!)
Book I in the Ancestor's Enchantment Trilogy - The Witch Within (polish up and submit)
Book V in the Magic Seasons - Winter's Mist (polish up and submit)

Okay so this list will most likely bleed into April as well, now that I sit here and
look at it.  Now that I've tossed it out into the blogosphere, I will have to stick to it


Have a great day and I hope to see you on the weekend over at Ravencrafts!!

Jacqueline Paige

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