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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When did April get here?

I believe the title says it all.
What happened to January, February and March?

I'd love to say I slept through them and woke up
to spring, but sleep is probably the last thing on my list
of achievements.

With the move to a new place completed, I'd like to say
we're all settled in but we're not.  There are still boxes piled
in corners that I'm not quite sure what to do with and there
is still paint and renovation supplies sitting there awaiting our

Just after the move we had an opportunity to
manage a breakfast restaurant and not liking sleep or free-time
we took it on.  So I now work my usual too many hours managing
the cafe here at home and one day a week I go lend my expertise
and guidance to my husband with the restaurant.

Add that list to my writing list and life has been a bit of a blur.
At the end of January I posted my to-do list for my writing adventures
and I'm thrilled to say I have been completing that list despite the
rest of life demanding my attention.

Bewitching Book Tours has kept me on course with guest stops and
appearances all over the web and without them I would have been
just one more author with lost in the masses.

Edits have been completed for Harvest Dreams and it's May release is
a go!  The fourth book in the Magic Seasons series, Autumn Dance is
presently on my editors desk.   The fifth (and final for now) book in the
series is undergoing the pre-submission reads and proofing at this point.

Book two in the Hidden Senses Trilogy is with the editor now and is
right on track for the July release date.

I am half way through the re-writes for the first shifter trilogy book, Animal
Heart.  I did have to work on it when time allowed with so many other
impending deadlines approaching.  It's been quite the task to make the
changes without losing anything, but I know it will be even better once it's
finished and that's very exciting.

Where I have been recently:

Coming up:
April 13th: Author Spotlight

April 16th :Interview and review of From Beltane Magic

April 27th: Guest at Reviews by Molly

Shortly I'll be announcing a new contest coming up!

Jacqueline Paige 

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