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Monday, September 24, 2018

What's happening with Alterealm...

With the tour for the series and writing/editing, I've been living in Alterealm a lot lately 😊  so I thought I'd give a quick status on where things are with each book.

What would you do if you woke up in another realm?
This series contains sarcasm, humor, bad guys and a great deal of food!

As you know The Huntress has been out for quite some time - but Daxx is going strong in each story since. 

Most have met Crissy now in The Seer - she continues to toss things at me faster than I can type in the current book I'm writing. 

Alona recently made her debut in The Empathshe is still very much present and helpful 😏 in the books to follow   (Print copy is currently going through the proof readers) 

In October you will get to meet Bethany in The Witch - an ARC is available for reviewers, the ebook is going through proof readers

Early December you will get to meet Paisley in The Chronos - I'm working on edits with this right now and an ARC will be available in October

The start of 2019 you will have the chance to meet Autumn in The Warrior - Beta readers are currently checking my facts before I send this off to my editor.

This week I began working on Kara's book, The Telepath - I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I can honestly say she is one more character this is not going to follow any plots I've had in mind 😉

There are two more books planned in this series, The Healer and The Kenetic ... after that, we'll see what happens. 

I'd like to pass along a HUGE thank you to my proof and beta readers - thank you SO much for finding all those places that have the wrong facts, whether it be where I've changed the color of a characters eyes throughout the book or areas that are just too chaotic for readers to follow.  
And my editor - without her no one would understand a thing I write! She takes those fuzzy areas and makes them clear, hardly ever swears at me (I suspect it's a good thing we live far apart or she may come to visit just to throw things at me) and forgives (mostly) when I repeat the same grammatical error over and over 😊 Thank you!

Follow along the current book tour for The Alterealm Series coordinated by Silver Dagger Book Tours. You can find the dates and locations HERE and don't forget to enter the prize draw often!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Alterealm book tour starts..

To celebrate the release of book 3 in The Alterealm Series, I've enlisted the help of Silver Dagger Book Tours...

The Huntress
The Alterealm Series Book 1
by J. Risk
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Where all those things that go bump in the night are real and other realities do exist.

What would you do if you woke up in another realm where the residents are beings from fictional tales?
Where all those things that go bump in the night are real and other realities do exist!!

Damariss Maxx just woke up in a world where all those things that go bump in the night are real.
An alternate realm where the residents are beings she thought only existed in fiction.
Will she find the way to keep life normal and simple for those unknowing without losing her own sanity?

All she has to do now is find a way to protect the people in her world from the nightmares that have bleed from this other realm into it and fulfill a prophecy that says she's their huntress queen or doom this other world to a bleak, violent existence.

The Seer
The Alterealm Series Book 2

Sometimes crazy is all that works...

Different. Weird. Unwanted. Crazy. Afraid.
That’s been the story of Crissy’s life.
A life spent never quite knowing why she has these visions in her head.
And just why she’s so afraid.

Finding herself important and accepted for the first time in her life, the workings of this other realm are confusing, but feel familiar. She’s seen it before, and that feeling may just be home.

Now in a place where she’s understood and loved, Crissy’s visions may just help to tip the balance in the fight between good and evil.

The Empath
The Alterealm Series Book 3

A century of questions brought no answers, until now.

A century always on the move, never aging and not being able to form relationships, Alona has far more questions than answers. Absorbing the emotional turmoil of others is bad enough, with the headaches, nausea and blackouts, but it is the loneliness that is a never-ending ache.

A bizarre encounter with a crazy-erratic redhead in a nightclub brings her the promise of answers, if only she can open her mind to the possibilities. Life will change in ways she never thought possible, or could ever imagine.

The Witch
The Alterealm Series Book 4

Doing a favor for your best friend never works out.

Finding a best friend and roommate in Erin, Bethany agrees to use her magic to help a group of Erin’s new friends. But something told her that things were off, and now she’s got to use her powers to get her friend back.
Sharing a small apartment and struggling to survive was far better than being locked away with no word of Erin, and a niggling feeling that the stories she was told aren’t the truth.
Discovering another realm, learning about her powers and making things right, Bethany must make amends for all she did wrong, no matter the consequences.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!