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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

News and book availability...

The good news first...

The Witch is now out!
click for more info

Chronos will be available for pre-order by the end of this week. 
Release date December 5th

click for more info

Walmart has ebooks!  
I don't know how I missed this, but there it is.

And the last of the good news - Nanowrimo is going great! I'm on schedule and should hit that 50,000 in plenty of time to call it a win!

The Bad news...

For whatever reason/glitch many books are vanishing from - it will list their information but when you go to the books page you will see this:
No one seems to know why and getting answers is a challenge.

I checked and the 3rd book in the Alteream Series - The Empath is one of the hundreds of books on Amazon like this  BUT I did find it on  and (I didn't investigate any further than this) so it IS available out there.  

IF you can't find a purchase link on a book listed on PLEASE go to another site or Kobo, B&N, Smashwords... and MANY others.  
Not just for my books, but all authors.

I'm not sure why this is happening to some books, but it is very frustrating for the readers and authors alike. 

 And now I have to get back to writing and hit my word count for Nanowrimo 2018!!

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