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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Pet peeve of the day at the gas station

I can’t be the only person on the planet with this pet peeve…  I have a meltdown while sitting in my vehicle every time this happens…

You’re waiting for your turn in line at the gas station. It’s busy (if you live in my area, it’s ALWAYS busy because we are in the middle of two important areas all year round – the beach and the mountains), but everyone seems to understand when it’s their turn and not, so that’s something.  THEN the person in front of you finishes, and then gets back into their vehicle… do they start their car and pull away so the next person in the line can pull ahead? NO! They stop to talk to the passengers in the car, read their receipt, check their phone… maybe answering a few texts… THEN they start the car and take a few more minutes adjusting their seat belt, mirror or GPS…

PULL THE CAR OUT OF THE WAY then do your ‘after-I-get-gas-time-consuming’ task list.

*deep breath*
*exhale slowly*
Okay, I’m good now. 

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