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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Author Reads

I was taking a few minutes time yesterday to actually read a book. I've missed sitting down and hiding in my invisible bubble and letting a story take me to a new place - this time though I didn't get any further than the first few pages of the book, not the story, just the first pages before the story.

On these pages were short reviews or comments from other authors and reviewers describing what they thought of the book I was about to read.

A great idea, having the opinion of another author on your story. I wanted this, and wondered how one would go about doing this.

After a bit of thought I decided the easiest way would be to contact other authors and run the idea by them. So I did, and those that have had time to reply are all for the idea as well.

In a few short hours I'm in an Author Reads exchange.

Great! So now I have several awesome sounding books to read through. It's like a winfall of creative stories and fabulous characters and I can't decide where to start!

Getting lost in a story ranks as high on my "needs" list as writing a story and seeing where the characters are going to take me. I need more hours in a day! Can't we invent a day extension or something where some of us live in a realm where our days are eight hours longer than the rest of the world?

I will most definitely be posting my thoughts of the books I read here as well as adding what other authors think of mine. I am much better at promoting others than I am at self-promoting.

If you're an author and want to jump in on this list, let me know.

And now I have to settle myself down and try to get some work done...

Jacqueline Paige

~never predictable~

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