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Magic Seasons Romance

Magic Seasons Romance
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Release date!

Behind the Mask

To be released on October 16th at Amira Press

Start getting warmed up for Halloween!!

Gracelyn is barely out of her teens when her only sister, in a fit of temper, curses her so she’s forgotten the moment anyone turns away from her.

Only one thing an exact moment can break the curse – but after years of failed attempts she is forced to accept living her life completely alone.

Her world is calm and predictable until one Halloween night …

One costume party …

And one masquerading man changes everything.


The last costume party she’d been at she had been a pretty ballerina, she had matured a lot since that time. Running a hand down the snug low cut black material she wore, she laughed in her head. She had matured with the reality of life.

She looked around again and almost groaned out loud as a pirate was headed her way now. He was giving her a leering ‘come get me’ look. Not likely, she thought and turned enough in the other direction she hoped he’d get the message. It had been several years since she’d had the company of a man, but she wasn’t desperate enough to go there. She decided that sometimes not being seen was a good thing.

She searched through the crowd trying to find Evan. He’d most likely be in a tasteful costume, which left out most of the room. She spotted a sheik that had the right height and then bit her lip when the sheik turned and was most definitely a woman.

She stopped looking around and watched as a lion headed in her direction, a lion that was pure man. Chastising herself the whole time she let her eyes travel down over the golden pants he wore, definitely a man. Not wanting to get caught ogling, she quickly looked back to his masked face. The smile beneath the golden mask was pleasant and not at all unappealing.

She allowed her eyes to move from his golden mask down over him again. He wore a collar, how cute was that she thought. He was basically naked until she reached his waist. With good reason too she mused as she bit her lip, a nice toned chest and tummy like that warranted freedom from clothes. Her eyes took their time moving over the covered portions of him once more and she had to say from his fuzzy golden mane to his tail that swayed with each movement, it was a well presented outfit.

Arianna felt a tingle go through her. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and took a breath. Either there was someone here that held the secret of magic or ... she opened her eyes, or she had a raging case of hormones too long denied. Most likely the latter of the two, but the way the lions look was simmering through her whole system she wondered if she should make her exit. Leaving without speaking to Evan would be rude though.

Jacqueline Paige

~never predictable~

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