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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost in reality!

Despite telling myself I am going to blog every few days, it never happens!

Reality tromps on me each time I make a plan that involves non-reality things.
I prefer the virtual side of things - I can be in seven places at the
same time, be doing many separate things and still be vaguely present in reality.
Unfortunately reality doesn't work that way. If I could be at work doing what I do
and at home working on my latest edit or WIP at the same time, that would rock!

*shakes head*

My reality has involved recovering from a 'minor' surgery (minor being defined as
nothing major was taken out or put in - but it still hurt and slowed me down to about
a quarter of my usual speed!) without missing a day at work (okay I did get strict with
me and only worked half days for about an entire week).

In my downtime from work I did a complete re-write and edits on a manuscript, that the gremlins did something to and after reaching 'the end' part of the pages I had to go all the way back to 'page one' and do it all over again! (practice, practice, practice does NOT apply to working on the same story over and over again)

I did also manage to find a few quiet moments to catch up on some amazing stories some
fellow authors were sweet enough to share with me. My next step will be to write out my thoughts on these books and get them posted for the next Author Reads. My goal is to have
this finished by the end of the week so I can start getting back to using this blog more often.

I have a few other things in the works at this time as well.
I have a release date for Twice Cursed. It will be out at Whiskey Creek Press in February 2011.
In addition to getting back to work on my Animal Trilogy I am working on the second story to my Hidden Senses Trilogy, I will have news on the first, Mystic Perceptions, at Class Act Books shortly.

Now, back to that reality thing.


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