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Friday, March 26, 2010

My blue phase

Yes, I've been playing with my blog again.
(website as well) This seems to be my favorite thing
to do when I'm procrastinating.
I started with purple everything and transitioned into
black and now I've just entered the blue phase of
templates I like!

The reason I'm procrastinating this week has nothing
to do with ten hour work days and zoning out when I
get home (okay, not completely for that reason)
it's because I think my brain has melted a few
receptors in the last week.

I'm hip deep into rewrites on Heart from my Animal
Trilogy and so far it's been quite challenging.
Next time I decide to dive into NaNo, I will regardless
of the word count goal, pay closer attention to the
link between my typing fingers and my muse in overdrive.

To add to the feeling of "I think I'm losing my mind"
I now have todo some serious re-writes to Harvest
Dreams from my Magic Seasons series.
This one will be long and agonizing as I originally
wrote this right after the second, roughly three years
ago and jumping back into the groove on a story after
that much time is a hard thing to accomplish.

All that's missing in my realm at this moment are
rounds of edits for two different stories with two
different publishers to arrive in my inbox!!

Solution to all of the above ...

Play with the colors of your website and blog and
zone out into a pretend place of important things you
really don't have to do, but find more interesting.

And I do have more Author Reads snippets to share,
they just lack editing and right now I'm close to
overdosing on editing!!


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