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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back at it

I think I survived!!

My 'minor' surgery in March was a prelude to the final surgery on April 6th. I've recovered, mostly, and I'm back at it again! I'm sure I'll be sore for a little while longer but now I'm able to function once more at my normal speed. Whew!

Leading up to my surgery I took the time to train someone at work to cover most of everything I do - end result: I get more free time where my brain is still functional. I'm very excited about having help at work now and the possibility of free time, which of course will be spent trying to catch up to my muse and writing.

During my down time I managed to complete some re-writes on Harvest Dreams - Book III of the Magic Seasons series. I'm just finishing up polishing the areas I dissected and then it's back to some serious work.

Either it was the painkillers I was on for the first portion of my recovery or my muse has decided to take me in a new direction but I've decided to go back to the beginning with the first story in my Animal Trilogy - Heart and rework it completely. It's been lacking ... something since I began it. At first I thought it was just the reckless pace I wrote it at for the NaNo contest, but now that I've pondered it I think it's the way it's written. I'm going to completely start over and try (for the first time) it in first person. This will set me behind on a few other things, but this story can be so much more and I'm hoping this will help me bring that out. We'll see.

In other areas of writing I've found out the release date for Mystic Perceptions with Class Act Books has been moved to July. I'm relieved to find this out and quite pleased that it gives me more time to set up promo's and regain the focus required for edits.

And now I'm off to get some work done.
I'll leave you with an excerpt from Book II in the Magic Season series - Solstice Heat

Chris came out of his library to see the three men sitting in his living room. He paused and looked around. “Did I forget about a meeting?” Where were the women? “Where is everyone else?”

Dade leaned forward and rested his elbows on his legs. “We were instructed they were coming here after work and they have been locked in your little magic broom closet for the last hour.”

Chris raised his eyebrows. “Doing?”

Owen lifted his hands. “Won’t say.”

Steven slumped down, wishing for a nap. “They’re not too pleased being driven to and from work.”

“I see.” Chris turned and started down the hall. “Let’s see what they’re up to.”

The men got up and followed him.

He tried the doorknob to find it locked. “Kase, unlock the door.”

“Soon.” She called to him through the door.

He stood there glaring at the door. They’d locked him out of his own room in his own home! We’ll see about this. He stepped back and slapped and invisible command at the door.

Sparks flew off it and the door remained closed. “What the…”

Dade grinned. “Quite the little witch you have there Larkin.”

Steven whistled out a breath. “Just how much trouble can they get into with all your stuff in there?”

Chris still scowled at the door while he answered. “A lot!” He tapped the door with his hand. “Kassandra unlock the door.”

A gentle breeze blew over all four of them.

“That would be a polite no.” Dade said quietly.

“Like hell, I’ll be locked out of my own temple room.” Chris hissed. Stepping back he stared at the door, the handle shook. When he thought it was going to open it started to pour rain on the four of them. He waved a hand to stop it and looked at the men beside him. Dade’s long hair was soaked and the expression on his face was similar to how he himself was feeling about the whole thing.

“And that would be a mind your own business.” Owen said sticking his hands in his pockets.

Chris looked at Steven. “You have any ideas?”

Steven shook his head trying to get the water to stop dripping in his face then took a step away from the door. “Oh no. I’m plenty happy enough to wait until it opens on it’s own. You might like lighting striking you but I’m not too open to trying that.”

Chris shook his head. “Are you all afraid of them?”

Dade nodded. “I’ve seen what each one can do alone – especially your little innocent there my friend; the four of them together scare the hell out of me.”

Chris sighed and looked back at the door. “Kasey?”

“Yes Christopher?” Her voice came through the door again.

“You’re making me angry and I don’t want to do something I’ve promised you I wouldn’t.”

A wind breeze ruffled his hair. “I know you won’t Chris. Now go away I’m trying to concentrate here.”

His jaw dropped. Sighing he looked at the others. “Beer?” They nodded and followed him down the hallway.

“Seems you’re a bit afraid of their wrath too councilor.” Dade mumbled behind him.

“Shut up.” Chris growled and walked into the kitchen.

Solstice Heat is available at Amira Press as well as other sites

for more information, check out my site.

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