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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Allie Boniface

Join me tomorrow for an interview with Allie Boniface
author of One Night in Memphis.


What if a woman, tired of broken hearts and bad choices, 
traveled a thousand miles to the heart of Memphis, 
Tennessee, and spent a night forgetting her past in the blues 
clubs of Beale Street? What if a man who lost his wife to 
cancer ventured to Beale Street's social scene for the first 
time in over a year? And what if they met and realized love 
was still possible for them both?

Dakota James and Ethan Meriweather have both given up 

on finding happiness in a relationship. When they meet in 
downtown Memphis, at a crowded nightclub, neither has 
romance on the brain. But as the evening unfolds, and 
small talk turns to the stuff of hopes, dreams, and shared 
loss, a kinship grows that surprises them.

Before the night is over, though, Dakota's past will catch up 

with her in the form of a violent ex-boyfriend. As dawn 
approaches, and tragedy threatens to tear Dakota and 
Ethan apart, both will have to make a decision that could 
change their lives forever. Is new love worth putting your 
life on the line for someone you've just met?

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