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Magic Seasons Romance
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Join me tomorrow!

Join me tomorrow for my interview with author
Jean Hart Stewart on her tour for The Third Rose,
the first in book in her new historical romance


When Sara Coverly hides in Lord Wolverton’s bedroom 
to avenge him for the rape of her friend, she is determined 
to shoot him so he can never ruin another female. Instead 
she finds herself wondering if she’s picked the wrong man! 
Wolf decides he needs a token fiancĂ©e to cover his tracks 
as he searches for a spy, and soon Sara finds herself helping 
him. And falling deeply in love.

Wolf’s espionage duties bring danger to them both. When he
decodes a message threatening the assassination of Wellington 
at Waterloo, they both set out for Brussels to catch the villain.

Can their growing love endure through war, a desperate 
villain who is out to stop them, and Wolf’s determination to 
save Wellington at any cost?

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