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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interview with Suzanne Brandyn

I have the pleasure of having Suzanne Brandyn
on my blog.

1. Who is Suzanne Brandyn?
Suzanne Brandyn lives on the Mid-North Coast, 
of the East Coast of Australia, who has 
always wanted to write but circumstances 
prevented her from doing so.

2. What genre do you write? Why?
I write contemporary romance and currently I
 have finished a romantic suspense. Why? 
I love romance; after all, it is universal. I love 
the happy ever after and the journey my 
characters endure to reach their destination.  

3. What is the hardest part of writing for you?
A few months ago, I was stuck and it took 
a week to get back on track. It wouldn’t 
flow, and my mind seemed locked. 

4. Do you ever have problems with writers block? 
If so how do you get through it?
Oh, I’ve answered this above briefly. I got through 
this first time writers block by stepping away and 
doing other things, like shopping. Now that’s 
something worthwhile. Lol. By doing this it freed 
something in my mind and I was ready once 
again to write.  It was a scary time. I thought 
I would never be able to write again. It’s 
something most writers go through; 
thankfully it can be short lived. 

5. What do you do when you’re not writing/editing
 or thinking about writing/editing?
I usually swim, snorkel, long power walks, go 
flying with my husband in a light aircraft, 
and sometimes I paint. Oh, did I mention 
I dabble in photography as well. 

6. When did you realize you wanted to write?
When everyone kept telling I am born storyteller.
 The desire was there but it wasn’t until five 
years ago that I had the opportunity to 
spend time on my writing. 

7. While working on a story, do you write directly 
onto the computer or are there notebooks 
and plot ideas jotted down in various places?
I used to write longhand on paper, but now 
I can input straight into the computer.  Sometimes 
I take my laptop outside and write that way, 
and then again, I occasionally write long hand 
on paper at the beach.  I always have notepads 
scattered on my desk, pictures up on corkboards, 
and plot ideas in a folder along with character ideas. 

8. From your own writing, do you have 
a favourite story or character? Why?
Sarah Munro in ‘Heat in the Outback’ is one of 
my favourite characters. She has lost so much, 
but in order to try to get it back she has to go 
through a lot of emotional confusion, until 
she realises what she had been searching 
for all her life, was right before her eyes.  

9.  Tell us one thing about you we don’t know.
 I have a crush on Hugh Jackman. J 
Yum scrum, he makes my knees weak. Lol

Thank you for having me Jacqueline.  

Thanks so much Suzanne!

Here's a peak at Heat in the Outback - which
has most definitely been added to my
TBR pile!

The soaring temperature in the Outback 
is not the only heat Sarah Munro faces when 
she returns home for her father’s funeral. 
She wants to settle his affairs, sell the family’s 
homestead, Munro Cattle Station, and 
return to Sydney, and her fianc√©, as quickly 
as possible. Sarah doesn’t want anyone to 
find out what she’d done in the past. She 
wants to close this chapter of her life for good. 
Then there will never be a reason to return 
to this dusty one horse town. She is wrong!
Ethan Wade, her first love is at the homestead. 
Ethan claims he owns half of Munro Station. 
Sarah wants him out! As they try to settle their 
differences, a raging attraction ignites.
Will Sarah and Ethan find each other 
again as their past explodes before them? 

(I have to say I had a hard time choosing which
one to put up here today)

      His right hand swung for the screen door. 
At that moment, he caught a glimpse of red sandals, 
anchored to long silky legs, swinging over 
the edge of the sofa.  He bent and peered 
through the window to get a better view.
      His mouth twisted to one side as he 
stared at red painted toenails. He gulped 
against tightness in his throat, then jerked 
back before swinging the door open 
and stepping into the house.

      He had to get hold of himself. His heart 
bashed against his ribcage, forcing him
 to take a moment to compose himself. 

      He’d thought about this day for ten 
long years and could scarcely believe the 
confrontation was going to take place. Then 
he heard her sniffle and blow her nose. 
Taking a cautious step forward toward the 
lounge-room door, he turned in her direction.

    His heart belted much harder against 
his chest, his muscles locked, and 
blood pounded through his veins. 
How in the hell was he going to handle this? 

You can find Heat in the Outback 

and Suzanne 


  1. Hey Suzanne and Jacqueline!

    Heat in the Outback sounds great! Loved the excerpt. I'm also one to carry around composition pads. They are a definite must have. :)


  2. Lovely excerpt and interview,Suzanne. You certainly have a lot of activities. The blurb and excerpt sound yummy.
    My TBR pile will be growing.

  3. Good morning!

    I just got moving for the day (day off work) and realized Suzanne would have a bit of a time difference to deal with.

    If I've figured this out correctly it's actually 14 hours in our future where she is.

    See you when you wake up, Suzanne!

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I think when an idea pops into your head it's great to be able to catch those perfect words and put them down on paper.

    Thank you for stopping by,

    Suzanne :)

  5. Hi Lorrie,
    I enjoy getting out into the fresh air. It frees my mind. :) Well, most of the time.

  6. Hi Jacqueline,

    Yes, it is a pain. The time difference has been a challenge. lol It's almost three am here in Oz. :)

    Thank you for having me.

    Suzanne :)

  7. 3am - that's dedication!

    Bonus points for you, Suzanne.


  8. I love that you get to write outside or even at the beach sometimes. Heat in the Outback sounds like a very good book.