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Thursday, October 28, 2010

At the Phantom Paragrapher Blog

Just click the pic to go there

Friday's blog tour stop for me is over at the 
Phantom Paragrapher Blog where I answered
the question I have been asked the most since my
very first book was published.
Why e-books?

Stop over and find out my reasons for jumping on
this fast growing industry.


  1. Tried to leave a comment on the blog go...

    I agree, like both formats for books. Will always love the printed book but space is a big issue. I can't go past or near a bookstore without stopping and more likely than not I walk out with a bag.

    Ebooks are great too, and usually cheaper which is great these days.
    Also lighter in weight and you don't get the disapproving looks with what it might be that you're reading!

    Hard both!

  2. I have tried as well, it just keeping 'working' but isn't posting anything.
    Hopefully it will behave later on...

    I'm right beside you with the bookstores - my family guides by past them or they know they'll be there for a while.

    Thanks for stopping by!