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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contests galore!

Salvation's cover has been entered in a
cover contest.
Am I trolling for votes - yes I am.
Please take five and pop over
to vote.

I'll drawing one random follower
next Friday (29th) to win the monthly
draw of one of my books.
Follow my blog and get your name
in the draw for the big prize tote in
December and a monthly draw for a
book in October and November.

Monday the 25th is when my Salvation
blog tour starts, follow along for a chance
to win another tote filled with trinkets and
pirate treasure!!

Here's a excerpt for Salvation:

Setting the linen down, he looked to the clothes again. He had
tried twice to work the jeans and was at a loss. He heard the door
close to the front room of the house. He smiled; Miranda could
show him how to put these odd things on. He grabbed the jeans
and opened the bathroom door.
“Miranda, I am not—” He glanced up from the jeans to see a
woman—not Miranda—standing inside her door but a rather tall,
light-haired woman. He offered her his most charming smile.
“Hello.” She continued to stand there with her jaw dropped open
and her eyes huge. He was uncertain what he was to say as to
why he was standing in Miranda’s home with a small linen cloth
wrapped about his waist.
The door opened behind the silent woman and Miranda came
in. She stopped abruptly and looked up at the woman.
* * * *
 “Jody? When...” She looked over at Jareth standing outside the
bathroom door, jeans hanging from his hand and a white towel—
a small white towel—wrapped around a mouth-watering tight
waist. His chest was bare, beads of water from his hair dripped
down it. Had she ever seen a more tasty set of abs in her life? She
didn’t think so. She worked her way...slowly...up to his face to see
he knew exactly what she was thinking. He winked at her, snapping
her back to the problem at hand. She turned her head back to
her drooling, stunned friend, Jody. “Jody?”
Jody turned with her mouth still hanging open. She shut it
with a snap and looked back over at Jareth.
Randy turned to Jareth. “Could you give us a moment, Jareth?”
He inclined his head, but not before sending her a devilish
look. “Most certainly, little one.” He smiled widely at her gawking

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