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Sunday, November 28, 2010

November's draw!

Now that I've finished NaNoWriMo I will 
have more time again.

I'm very happy that I finished with 51,915 words
before the deadline.  Of course at this point I 
haven't really read through the entire thing and it
could be 30,000 words worth of typo's.

To celebrate achieving NaNo for the third year
in a row I popped over to Random generator 
and have the winner of November's draw at my

The winner is : Jellybelly82158

Email me with the title of the PDF you would 
like from my books listed on the right of my blog.
and I'll get that to you.

Now I'm going to go give my poor fingers and
brain a must deserved rest!!!!



  1. Congratulations on finishing NaNo and my the typos be scarce.

  2. Talking about aren't the only one guilty. I just typed "my" when I meant "may." LOL

  3. Thanks.
    And that was a wonderful demonstration of a typo.