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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Salvation


Two centuries of not existing is about to change...

Grasping the steering wheel, she slowly lowered her forehead
to rest on it. A strange, yet familiar feeling prickled across the
back of her neck. She didn’t raise her head, just smiled into the
steering wheel. “You could do something to help.”
She lifted her head slowly, afraid to move too fast, and turned
to look beside her. She watched the image of the man she’d been
seeing for years become clearer. If she focused hard enough, he
would almost appear to be real. Many times over the years she
thought she was seeing things, possibly ghosts, but it was only
ever him.
He gaped at her, his shock more than obvious. “ can
see me? Truly?”

Randy sat there wanting to reach out and hug him.
Hallucinations didn’t talk—did they? His voice was rough and
deep, and she’d never been happier to hear someone speak. “I
more or less sense you most of the time, but if I focus hard enough
I can see you.” She looked at the scar across his left cheek. “You’re
very clear today.”
He frowned. “And you can hear me?”
Randy tried not to grin. “I’m answering you, aren’t I?”
“That’s impossible...”
“And yet, here we are talking and being all visible-like.” She
looked at him, from his long ebony black hair down to his black
worn boots.

Available at Eternal Press, Fictionwise, Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and other sites.

 Jacqueline Paige

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