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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - a piece of Salvation

I have been told that aside from the towel scene in Salvation
this is a favorite part - of course I'm only 
giving a sneak peak of it here.

Two Centuries on not existing is about to change...

He walked with a heavy foot, wishing his boot were real enough
to pound on the floor. He was on the other side of the room before
he looked back at her. “I have gone on alone and completely adrift
for so many years at a time...the loneliness consumed me, leaving
me wanting to howl as a wounded beast does.” He waved a hand
in frustration. “Now, after all I have suffered through, I find I am
able to be heard when I speak, to be seen by other eyes, and I have
to fight every breath with the way I burn for you.” He walked in
large strides closer to her. “I take notice of your every movement,
your every breath, and I cannot even touch you one time!”

Miranda stood there, her eyes huge and locked to his. “I’m...I...I
feel the same way, Jareth.” She motioned to the monitor. “I’m trying,
really I am.”

He hissed out a breath. “I did not imply otherwise.” He looked
down into her brown eyes and wished again he had the strength
to turn from them. He could tell untruths to himself for the reasons
he was here with her, but he could not tell them to her. “I am
sorry, little one. I am not of much assistance when I spend all my
moments with you looking and...” He sighed.

“And?” she whispered.

His eyes searched hers. “Longing, wanting, craving...” He
looked down her body before moving back to her eyes. “The
clothes you wear show me how you are shaped beneath, and yet I
am still disturbed to absolute distraction with the images inside
of my own head that your appealing shape gives to me.”

She tilted her head and looked up at him, her cheeks flushed
and eyes soft. “Would you like to see more?”

“Yes,” he hissed as his mind screamed no. How could he put
himself through the torment of seeing what he desired more than
life and yet not touch, not taste?

Jacqueline Paige

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