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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excerpt Thursday - Animal Trilogy

I found some time last week - at least it feels like it was last 
week - updating my site and adding excerpts to the things
I'm working on.

I've recently finished the first book in my Animal Trilogy -
Heart.  It's not all polished up just yet, but I am working on
it so I thought I'd share a piece of that one today.

Three women without knowledge of their true heritage...
Three men that have waited for their mate all of their lives...
Hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts
in the Animals Trilogy  

Animal Heart Excerpt:

If nothing else I was warmer now.  How long would the rain last?  Did I want to wait it out and then try to find a washroom – in the dark?  I shook my head before I could go any further with that thought. There was no way I was getting out of this car until it was light out again, rain or no rain.  How many hours until daylight?  I debated very briefly whether I could squirm around and reach my purse to get my phone.  Highly doubtful.  Besides being cocooned in the puffy material, my phone off for a reason and turning it on just to check the time wasn’t worth the risk of Aiden being able to trace the location.  Truthfully I didn’t know if that was possible even though all the movies reference it being so, but understanding what type of man Aiden was and what he was capable of, I wasn’t taking any chances.
Working one arm free from the bag, I shifted far enough forward to reach the ignition; he couldn’t track my cars clock.  Turning the key, my heart sunk when I noted the time, there were too many hours left until dawn.  I looked out the windshield and froze, my heart jumped into my throat. Afraid to so much as breathe, I stared at the animal a few feet away from my headlight.  My brain first thought dog, but that was no dog.  That was a wolf; it had to be a wolf.  Were wolves that big?  It seemed bigger than in any pictures I’d seen.
I sat there looking at it, not sure if I should honk the horn would be a good idea or just if I should just sit and try not to get hysterical waiting for it to leave.  My car may be metal, but the roof was something this animal could probably get through. As I continued to stare at it I couldn’t help thinking it was a beautiful creature. It’s grey and brown fur looked soft and thick, not that I’d ever be able to find out if it was.  It was the way the haunting grey eyes watched me that made me decide not to honk the horn or scream as loud as I could – which had crossed my mind briefly.  I was fairly certain it was as surprised to see me as I was to see it.  Didn’t wolves travel as group?  A pack?  I wanted to look around and see if there were more in the trees, but the logical part of my brain told me I was better off not knowing.  I never argued with the logical part.
I’m sure I stopped breathing all together when it took a step closer to the car and then turned quickly back towards the trees.  As I was reaching for the keys it stopped and looked back at me for the length of two heart beats before it bolted into the trees and disappeared.  Turning off the key, I sat in the dark leaning back against the seat while I tried to remind my body how to take air in. In this moment with my heart was beating so loud I could hear it, or at least it felt that way, I reached the decision that I was not getting out of the car until daylight, and even then was questionable.  One more conclusion was also not turning the lights on again; my mental state was much better not knowing what else was outside of the car.  I checked to make sure the door was locked, I did know a wolf wouldn’t just walk up and use the door handle, but I felt better knowing I was locked in and more importantly other things were locked out.
Pulling my arm back into the sleeping bag, I shuffled down as far as I could and closed my eyes.  The sooner I slept, the closer daylight was to getting here.  Over the noise of the water beating off the car, I thought I heard a howl.  In reaction to that I slid as far down as possible into the material and squeezed my eyes shut hoping morning would just hurry up and arrive.

Jacqueline Paige
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