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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Pic Sunday!

I happened across this and it is one of those
pictures I just had to share.

I guess this is how you can take your fish for a walk?...


On to other things

I'm thrilled to say I just have
to wrap up the last few chapters in 
After The Silence and then it's off to my 
CP - and if I get the thumbs up it will be
off to the publishers!

I have other news brewing, but I'm
waiting for the final word before I 
start splashing it around.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and
if you're in Canada - enjoy the holiday 

Jacqueline Paige


  1. I remember a movie where the guy, a pimp, had these shoes just like those! (laughs)Too damn funny!

  2. I know I couldn't resist! It made my day when I saw that.